Conceptualisation and Co-ordination:

Dr. Ramesh K. Aggarwal



Coffee Species: A reservoir for valuable genes for Coffee Improvement

Genetic improvement of coffee has become a daunting task like many other tree species due to factors like long generation advancement time, limited amount of basic germplasm and narrow genetic base of cultivated species. Though arabica types are favoured for its cup quality, it suffers from various biotic/ abiotic stresses. In order to broaden the available genetic variability and also for the introgression of valuable genes to the cultivated types, the wide spectrum of coffee species serve as a secondary gene pool. This calls for a detailed genetic characterisation of the wild germplasm resources for their judicious exploitation through breeding.

Our Approach:

Molecular Characterization of Coffee species and related genera available in India using high resolution DNA marker systems involving nuclear genomic markers and direct sequence based organelle genomic markers.

Our Objectives:

  • To assess the genetic diversity and relatedness of Coffea species including the two cultivated forms and four indigenous species putatively belonging to Psilanthus genus.
  • To understand the genetic inter-relationships of available species in India and to ascertain the taxonomic status of related genera.
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