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The Complete Coffee Database is presently under Construction It will be available in due course of time.

Preamble ......

Coffee is a perennial tree crop species belonging to the genus Coffea. The cultivated forms mainly belong to C. arabica (only tetraploid species) and C. canephora (diploid species). There are more than 100 related taxa of coffee (all diploid) described in literature, most of which are native of Africa or Latin America. Coffee improvement through conventional approaches is seriously constrained because of many factors. Among others, these include: lack of known resources for desirable gene(s) and in general 'a narrow genetic base' of the cultivated pool.

The situation warrants development and use of newer molecular technology(ies), which can provide impetus, speed, efficiency and directionality to the efforts on genetic improvement of coffee, as well as, characterisation and exploitation of available germplasm resources (secondary/tertiary genepools). Central Coffee Research Institute (CCRI), India has accumulated a large collection of arabica and robusta germplasm, both collected and developed locally at CCRI as well as those introduced from abroad. In addition, there are 15 related species of Coffea and 4 endemic species of Psilanthus in the coffee germplasm bank. This massive genetic variability, which outlines an important gene pool suitable for coffee improvement, needs comprehensive characterization, not only for their management but also for their resourceful utilisation in developing elite genotypes.

Scope of the study initiated at CCMB...

Characterisation of the selected elite coffee germpalsm using multiple DNA marker approaches (both mobility and sequence based), which will help in

  • Germplasm management
  • IPR registration of elite genotypes
  • Cataloguing and conservation
  • Evolutionary relationships


This database will have:

  • >200 gel pictures of RAPD fingerprints !
  • >500 SSR gel profiles (GeneScan images)!
  • ~50 ISSR gel profiles !
  • ~100 IRAPs gel images !
  • ~40 AFLP gel profiles and more...!

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