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Conceptualisation and Co-ordination: Dr. Ramesh K. Aggarwal

Design/development: Dr.R.Rajkumar and R. Phanindranath

Need for Coffee Improvement and constrains

Coffee is a perennial crop plant of the genus coffea.There are more than 100 related taxa described in the literature that provide useful secondary genepool for coffee improvement.To meet the ever changing demands of consumers and environment a number of breeding and selection programs have been initiated at Central Coffee Research Institute,INDIA and else where in the last century.Despite rigorous efforts the progress in coffee improvement had been slow using conventional approaches because of many factors like, narrow genetic base,lack of genetic markers/efficient screening tools,outbreeding behaviour,long generation advancement and many more

Thus to overcome the problems in coffee breeding there is a need for development and use of newer technology(ies),which provide impetus,efficiency,speed and directionality to the efforts.

Our Objectives/Approach ..

The present project is an effort in this direction initiated recently with the specific intend of molecular characterization of the available coffee genepool in India and generating basic materials(molecular markers/mapping populations)as a prelude to molecular (DNA) markers based coffee breeding programme.

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