CCMB mourns the demise of its Former Director, Dr Lalji Singh


  • Great loss to scientific community, a thorough gentleman and a down to earth legend. May his soul rest in peace.


  • World of science has lost a great scientist...I am really very sad, My heartfelt condolences to CCMB and Dr.Lalji sigh's family.


  • A never tiring person made just not one but three(indeed functional)institutions similar to Prof.PM Bhargava and also started Genome foundation to serve 130 Crore population. So his untimely departure is a loss to whole country. Hope his admirers get to take it to his dreams. My sincere condolences to his family.

    dr a v rao

  • I recently met him and invited to give a lecture to CCMB young innovators. He accepted the invitation. It is very sad to know that he is no more. A nice Scientist, an able administrator. May his soul rest in peace.

    M V Jagannadham

  • Very inspirer to science students like me , very sad to hear, great to know his marvellous achievements , hats off....., may his soul rest in peace.

    Rubeena Talat

  • A big loss to the scientific fraternity. My Heartfelt condolences. RIP.


  • Sad for all scientific community....great scientist, orator and pioneer for us. No word

    chandra shekhar Singh

  • You will be remembered long sir, the kind of visionary and a great human that you were!


  • It is extremly sad and shocking that Dr. Lalji is no more with us. Dr. Lalji Singh will be always in our memories and thoughts. He was a great scientist and mentor, and a kind human being. Dr. Lalji Singh was an inspiration and role model for youngsters dream their career in science specially who comes from rural background. His contribution to the science and serving the nation at greater extent more >>

    Prof. Ajeet P. Singh

  • Very sad to hear this. Dear Sir, may your soul rest in peace. You have inspired many and will forever be remembered in the generations to come.

    Chitra Thakur

  • Dr Lalji sir was the best person in my life both from professional and personal life. It is difficult to forget the attractiveness and freshness of his smile with his warm hospitality which i experienced just two day before his demise. Dear Lalji sir, 'you' will be living alive forever deep in our heart and we will miss you.

    Dr Marshal

  • It's a great LOSS to Indian Science. He will be remembered as an excellent scientist, fine human being and a great friend ! We will MISS YOU Lalji ! May God give strength to the family and friends to bear this Loss;Praying for the peace of departed soul. Renu & Sunil

    Renu Wadhwa

  • Shocking! Very sad. A visionary life cut too short. My heartfelt condolences to the family.

    Prof Shiva M. Singh

  • India lost an inspiring Scientist and I personally lost a mentor. I am convinced that his legacy will live through the institutions he founded and the people he had nurtured. Reports say he died of sudden cardiac arrest. A timely administration of CPR could have saved his precious life. His untimely death further highlights the lack of cardiac health awareness and basic lifesaving techniques among more >>

    Subbarayan R Pochi

  • The greatest and kindest scientist I have ever known. Dear Sir, we will miss you.

    Prashanth Rao

  • Big loss to science community.He was inspiration to all of us .

    Rajeev singh

  • A very sad and shocking news. We have lost a great leader and scientific personality. May his Soul rest in peace and deep condolence to his family.

    Dr. Ram Rup Sarkar

  • It was terribly depressing NEWS. Huge loss for the country, as we have just few role models in Indian science who are also good sensitive human beings and for them the institute and nation comes first. My condolences for the family, friends, colleagues and students.

    Arvind Kumar

  • I am deeply saddened by the news of Dr.Lalji Singh. He will be truly missed.He has been an awesome person. My thoughts and prayers are with all the members of the family. May God comfort them.

    G Christy Wilson

  • Lalji's demise is a great loss to the entire scientific world. I am deeply saddened by the news of Lalji's sudden demise. May God rest departed soul in Heavenly adobe.

    Ranjan Tamuli

  • It was in my High school where I first read about him while studying DNA fingerprinting. Scientists like him inspired me to take up molecular biology as career. It was really disheartening to learn that he is no more among us. His aura will always be there.

    Arun Prakash Mishra

  • Sad to hear of the untimely demise of Dr. Lalji Singh. His dedication to science was a source of great inspiration to us students.

    Anjali Bajpai

  • It was really shocking and saddening news regarding Dr Lalji Singh Sir. He was the Scientist who inspired me to pursue my career in research and was no doubt great inspiration to different generations. His great scientific contributions will always motivate us. May his soul rest in peace.

    Anil Kumar Singh

  • Great loss to scientific community in india.Dr.Lalji Singh contributions can not be forgetten.Specially he has been a great source of inspiration for indian youth and in particular to me.

    Abhishek Rakesh singh

  • Lalji will be remembered for his leadership qualities and for the dignified way he conducted himself, especially post-CCMB and -BHU. Many of us will recall with admiration his discovery of Bkm (from the so quintessentially Indian banded krait!), and the avenues this discovery opened into the study of sex determination, Y and W chromosome evolution, heterochromatin, sex reversals, an more >>

    DP Kasbekar

  • I read this morning with deep regret and shock the news about the sudden demise of Dr. Lalji Singh, former Director, CCMB (1998-2009), this Sunday December 10. I knew him very little, except when he invited our management training group (Management and Resources Development Foundation, MRDF, myself Founder-Chairman) ) to conduct a week's trai more >>

    B. R. Sant

  • A real shock to learn of this. Very sad

    Imran Siddiqi

  • Great loss to Indian Scientific community, may his soul Rest In Peace.

    Rajan Kumar Tiwari

  • The premature demise of Dr Lalji Singh is a great loss to Indian molecular biology and to Indian science and technology. He was a path breaking scientist and his contributions in the field of DNA fingerprinting and its applications are truly monumental. We at MSSRF had very good collaboration with him and his passing away is a loss to not only Indian science but to global science, since he was an more >>

    M S Swaminathan

  • Deeply saddened by the demise of Dr Lalji Singh. He has been and will remain a great inspiration to many.

    Sujatha Reddy

  • Great loss to scientific community. Our deepest condolence to Dr. Singh's family

    Himakar Reddy

  • Heart felt condolences to a great scientist who inspired many youngsters to take up research in basic sciences. I greatly admire his grass root origin his workmanship. God bless his soul.

    shyam s reddy

  • I will always remember Dr. Lalji Singh for his contributions as CCMB's director, his student friendly nature, his smiling face and as the father of DNA fingerprinting in India.Heartfelt condolences to his family.

    Kalpana Makhijani

  • Sudden demise of Prof.Lalji Singh is a great loss to Indian Science. Scientific temper, rationality, secular and democratic ethos displayed by him were marvelous. May God provide courage and strength to his family to bear this irreparable loss.

    Dr. Ranvir Singh

  • Dr Lalji Singh left such a magnanimous and indelible imprint in the field that even today if someone casually refer CCMB during conversation, people in India think of him first. His name will keep inspiring younger generation in heralding new frontiers and achieve new heights in basic biology research. A luminary researcher, research administrator and teacher of uniquely distinct passion, commitme more >>

    Sanjay B Jadhao

  • Dr. Singh showed us the path to untiring efforts made with unparalleled dedication without worrying about immediate benefits. We saw him in the institute in the day, in the evenings, at nights, sudden visits at 11 PM, 1 AM and early in the mornings. He taught us boldness, dedication and team spirit.

    Rajender Singh

  • Great loss to the entire scientific community. His contribution will always be remembered. Source of inspiration to many budding scientists. RIP.

    Prof. Dinesh Yadav

  • Deeply saddened to hear the passing away of Dr. Lalji Singh. My heartfelt condolences to CCMB and Dr. Lalji Singh's family on the loss.

    Sridevi Dhanaraj

  • Faculty members, staffs and students of the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Tezpur University, Napaam, Tezpur 784028, Assam, express deep shock and profound grief on the untimely and sad demise of Dr. Lalji Singh, the renowned Molecular Geneticist responsible for establishing the DNA fingerprinting in India, on 10th December 2017. Dr. Singh has been described as a karma yogi and more >>

    Suvendra Kumar Ray

  • My heartfelt condolence to his family members and it is great loss to the nation and CCMB family who admired and loved him so much.


  • Heartfelt condolences. Dr. Lalji Singh was a true inspiration and role model to the whole young scientific community. May his soul rest in peace.

    Suneesh Kaimala

  • This is very sad news a great loss to indian science. Dr Lalji Singh was all time legend scientist, may God rest his soul.


  • Extremely sad news. My heartfelt condolences.

    Suman Ray

  • We are saddened to hear of your sudden demise. May his soul rest in peace

    Sohail Akhtar

  • Our deepest Condolences. May his soul rest in peace.

    A K Prakash

  • Dr.Lalji Singh the modern architect of CCMB has been as prominent as Prof. Pushpa M Bhargava for Indian Science and in particular to CCMB & source of inspiration to the field of Molecular Biology. Dear sir, we miss you. May your Soul rest in Peace.


  • My heartfelt sympathies and deepest condolences to the family. May the Almighty bestow on bereaved family, the strength and courage to bear this irreparable loss. I pray for the salvation and eternal peace of the departed soul.

    Prof. Sunit K. Singh

  • My heartfelt condolence to the CCMB family who admired and loved him so much.

    G Sahani

  • I am very sad to hear about Lalji. Please give my condolences to his family. May God give you strength to bear this important loss!!

    N. K. Ganguly

  • ADNAT family mourns the unfortunate early demise of Prof. Lalji Singh with utmost gratitude and humbleness. We pray to almighty for his peaceful heavenly abode. ADNAT without Prof. Lalji Singh is just unimaginable but we in ADNAT should pledge to fulfill his dreams to strengthen the idea behind ADNAT.

    Moinak Banerjee

  • Very shocking - A great loss. Heartfelt condolences

    Renu Saxena

  • It is very shocking. Sorry to learn the sad demise of Dr. Lalji Singh may his wisdom and vision be remembered for ever.

    Palani Murugan Rangasamy

  • This is a sad news. This is insurmountable loss. He is and will be an inspiration to all. Our condolences for the family and friends of the great soul.

    Shailendra Goel

  • A SAD news to scientific community. A legend left.... May his Soul Rest in Peace.

    Nazir A Ganai

  • It is very shocking. Loss of a legend and a source of our inspiration. just read this. may god rest his soul in peace.

    Pankaj Shrivastava

  • It is shocking to hear about the sad and untimely demise of Dr. Lalji Singh. The NIPGR family extends its condolences to entire CCMB family. Please also convey our condolences to Dr. Lalji Singh's family.

    Ramesh V. Sonti

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