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Lecture 28-06-2017 Lecture by Dr Sanjeev Gupta,Lambe Institute for Translational Research,National University of Ireland,Galway, Ireland
Unfolded Protein Response: Friend or Foe in breast cancer
Seminar 19-06-2017 Seminar in Hindi By Mr Manish K Johri, AcSIR PhD student
HEPATITIS: Symptoms, cause, prevention and treatment
Lecture 16-06-2017 Lecture by Mr. Rahul Singh, Managing Director ,Lycan Lab, Bangalore
Using Additive Manufacturing for biomedical applications: Possibilities and roadmaps
Lecture 15-06-2017 Lecture by Dr. Ravi Venkatramani,Department of Chemical Sciences,Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,Mumbai
Towards Quantitative Descriptions of Biomolecular Dynamics: Computational and Spectroscopic Descriptors
Scientific Group Meeting 12-06-2017 Scientific Group Meeting - Speakers:
1. Ms. Neha Rajendra Kachewar 2. Mr. Sujoy Deb 3.Mr. Pradyumna Paranjape
1.Controlling bacteria`s necessary evil: Quorum sensing helps beneficial bacteria reign in their pathogenic origins
2.The flying warrior brides.
3.Recent innovative and published research in month of May 2017.
Lecture 09-06-2017 Lecture by Dr Thomas Pucadyil, IISER, Pune
A Screen for Membrane Fission Catalysts
Lecture 08-06-2017 Lecture by Dr Rakesh Pandey, NII, New Delhi
Modeling the regulation of photosynthesis genes in Rhodobacter
Colloquium 07-06-2017 Colloquium by Mr Tushar Ranjan Moharana
Engineering lipase for altered properties
Viva-Voce 31-05-2017 Viva-Voce of Ms Sadiya Parveen
Thesis Title: Cell division and cell wall synthesis in Escherichia coli: studies on genes involved in cell wall integrity
Viva-Voce 30-05-2017 Viva-Voce of Ms Shalu SinghDate
Thesis Title: Role of WDR13 in Cell Cycle Regulation
Lecture 25-05-2017 Lecture by Dr Kedar Nath Natarajan, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute & European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK
Investigating the interplay between cell cycle and gene expression
Colloquium 24-05-2017 Colloquium by Mr Anand Kumar Sharma
Role of Secretagogin, a Calcium Sensor, in Insulin Signaling: Interaction, Regulation and implications
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