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Lecture 20-06-2018 Lecture by Dr. Souvik Modi,Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology, University College London, UK
Designer nanoprobes to investigate cellular functions
Chalk the Talk 14-06-2018 Chalk the talk by Satya Brata Routh
Surprises in science: A journey of our lab
Lecture 12-06-2018 Lecture by Dr Sudarshana M Sharma,Hollings Cancer Center,Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, USA
Genomics to transgenics: Understanding gene regulatory networks involved in bone destruction
Scientific Group Meeting 06-06-2018 Scientific Group Meeting - Speakers: 1. Dr. Somdatta Karak 2. Mr. Pavan Kumar
1. Science communication and Public Outreach – the What, Why and How!
2. A challenge to E coli`s cell envelope during division
Chalk the Talk 01-06-2018 Chalk the Talk by Richa Khanna
Let`s not get biased about this
Lecture 28-05-2018 Lecture by Dr Manoj B. Menon,Institute of Cell Biochemistry,Hannover Medical School, Germany.
Cell type specificity of septin cytoskeleton what we learnt from the Sept7 knockout model
Chalk the Talk 18-05-2018 Chalk the Talk by Shivali Rawat
Stressed out!
Event 18-05-2018 Authorcafe, an online scholarly writing platform
Session on "Creation of online archive of all content created by the institution under one umbrella, to uniform standards"
Colloquium 16-05-2018 Colloquium by Mr Avinash Srivastava
Role of Vertebrate GAF/ThPOK in Chromatin Architecture and Development dynamics
Viva-Voce 15-05-2018 Viva-Voce by Ms Komal Ishwar Pawar
Elucidating proofreading mechanisms involved in correction of mischarging caused by Alanyl-tRNA synthetase
Lecture 11-05-2018 Lecture by Dr Anil Koul, Director IMTECH, Chandigarh
Bacterial and viral lung infections and new emerging therapies
AIC Event 11-05-2018 Cafe Mandala: AIC-CCMB
Lift – Off A Journey from Idea to Prototype
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