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Event Category Event Date Event Head / Venue Topic Title
Colloquium 27-03-2018 Colloquium by Ms Parna Saha
Genome organization in regulating chromatin landscape and gene expression
Lecture 26-03-2018 Lecture by Dr Sanjit Mukherjee,Endocrine Oncology Branch, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, USA
Role of Histone Methyltransferases in Neuroendocrine Tumors
Colloquium 21-03-2018 Colloquium by Ms Vidhya Krishnamoorthy
Role of E3 ubiquitin ligase HECW2 in the ubiquitination signaling pathway induced by laminopathic mutations
Lecture 20-03-2018 Lecture by Dr Pavithra L Chavali, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK
Hijacking physiological pathways for pathological outcomes
Lecture 16-03-2018 Lecture by Dr. Rishi Kumar Sharma, Lead (Technical) Snow Leopard Conservation,(WWF International),Sr. Coordinator, Species & Landscapes(WWF India)
A multi-scale study of habitat use and abundance of the endangered Snow Leopard Panthera uncia
Viva-Voce 15-03-2018 Viva-Voce of Ms Abhijnya K Vijayavittal
Thesis Title: Functional role of Hsp90 in enforced cellular senescence of tumor cells
Colloquium 15-03-2018 Colloquium by Mr Rahul Sureka
Role of Nuclear Matrix in Genome Packaging and Regulation
Lecture 13-03-2018 Lecture by Prof Utpal Banerjee, Dept of Molecular Cell and Development Biology University of California, USA
Metabolic control of Development
Lecture 12-03-2018 Lecture by Dr Isha Raj,Karolinska Institute Stockholm, Sweden
Molecular insights into Egg Coat-Sperm Recognition at Fertilization
Chalk the Talk 09-03-2018 Chalk the Talk by Debabrata Jana
Capturing totipotency in mouse embryonic stem cells
Student_Seminar 28-02-2018 Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Kamal Saba 2. Ananga Ghosh 3. R Phanindranath
1. Intermittent Fasting Promotes White Adipose Browning and Decreases Obesity by Shaping the Gut Microbiota
2. Rational Design of Evolutionarily Stable Microbial Kill Switches.
3. Helicobacter pylori targets mitochondrial import and components of mitochondrial DNA replication machinery through an alternative VacA-dependent and a VacA-independent mechanisms
Colloquium 28-02-2018 Colloquium by Mr Dhruv Shakyawar
Studies on regulation and nuclear functions of C3G
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