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Event Category Event Date Event Head / Venue Topic Title
Colloquium 17-06-2019 Colloquium by Ms. P Anuradha
Title: Elucidating population dynamics of Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) using DNA-based genetic analysis
Scientific Group Meeting 03-06-2019 Scientific Group Meeting
Scientific Group Meeting by Dr Sonal Nagarkar Jaiswal and Hanuman Kale
Lecture 28-05-2019 Lecture by Dr Amit K Bhattacharya, Business Development Manager, Premas Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
Deep Interrogation in Tissue Biology and Disease: a CyTOF Approach
Viva-Voce 27-05-2019 Viva-Voce of Mr Avinash Srivastava
Thesis Title: Role of Vertebrate GAF in Chromatin Structure and Gene Regulation
Lecture 22-05-2019 Lecture by Dr Shravanti Rampalli,Centre for Inflammation and Tissue Homeostasis,inStem, Bangalore - (Job Applicant)
Expanding the Repertoire of Histone Lysine Methyltransferases Beyond Gene Regulation in Reprogramming and Aging
Scientific Group Meeting 07-05-2019 Scientific Group Meeting: Speakers 1. Kamakshi Dandu 2. Nikhil Hajirnis
1. Metabolic targeting of cancer stem cells: A promising therapeutic approach
2. CELL-OR-ON - world's first CRISPR based Dual-core Processor
Viva-Voce 06-05-2019 Viva-Voce of Mr Kamal Kumar Malukani
Thesis Title: Characterizing rice functions that are potentially involved in DAMP induced innate immune responses
Viva-Voce 06-05-2019 Viva-Voce of Ms Shankuntala Pillai
Thesis Title: Understanding DAMP induced innate immune responses in rice: Characterizing the early induced transcription factors
Chalk the Talk 03-05-2019 Chalk talk by Suraj Singh Nongmaithem
Metabolic Thrifty- An evolutionary perspective of modern day diseases
Lecture 16-04-2019 Lecture by Dr Martin Stewart, Lecturer in Medical Technologies,University of Technology, Sydney
Analyzing Cell Behaviour: From Mitotic Cell Shape to Intracellular Delivery
Lecture 16-04-2019 Lecture by Dr. Murali Krishna Cherukuri, Head, Biophysics Section, National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, USA
Metabolic Imaging of Cancer using Hyperpolarized 13C MRI: Pre-clinical and Clinical Studies
Viva-Voce 03-04-2019 Viva-Voce of Mr Rahul Sureka
Thesis Title: Role of Nuclear Matrix in Genome Packaging and Regulation
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