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Student_Seminar 27-02-2017 Student Seminar - Speakers: 1.Ravi Kumar Singh 2.Purnima SailaSree 3.Vinod Kumar
1.Zohar Erez et. al.Communication between viruses guides lysis-lysogeny decisions.
2.Culture of previously uncultured members of the human gut microbiota by culturomics
3.Captivity humanizes the primate microbiome.
Student_Seminar 24-02-2017 Student Seminar - Speakers: 1.Mihir Trivedi 2.Deepti Rao
1.The evolutionary origin of bilaterian smooth and striated myocytes.
2.Widespread Convergence in Toxin Resistance by Predictable Molecular Evolution.
Student_Seminar 23-02-2017 Student Seminar - Speakers: 1.Chandan Kumar Vishwakarma 2.Dipak Roy
1.PTEN dephosphorylates AKT to prevent the expression of GLUT1 on plasmamembrane and to limit glucose consumption in cancer cells
2.Cell Competition Drives the Formation of Metastatic Tumors in a Drosophila Model of Epithelial Tumor Formation
Founder`s_day_Lecture 22-02-2017 Lecture by Dr T Ramasami,Former Secretary, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India.
Triple Helix of Excellence, Relevance and Sustenance
Student_Seminar 22-02-2017 Student Seminar - Speakers: 1.Sneha Paturi 2.Sandeep Shrivastava
1.Reproductive Conflict and the Evolution of Menopause in Killer Whales
2.How snakes lost their limbs: An evolutionary prospective Progressive Loss of Function in a Limb Enhancer during Snake Evolution
Lecture 21-02-2017 Lecture by Prof. Jean-Marie Ruysschaert, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium
Protein and lipid nanoparticles activate the immune system through recognition of Toll-like receptors
Student_Seminar 21-02-2017 Student Seminar - Speakers: 1.Gokulan C G 2.Shambhavi Anupam G
1.Developmental mechanisms of stripe patterns in rodents.
2.Morbid attraction to leopard urine in Toxoplasma-infected chimpanzees
Lecture 20-02-2017 Lecture by Prof. Andrew Clayton,Swinburne University of Technology,Melbourne, Australia
Can fluorescence help us to understand the structure of cell-surface molecules?
Student_Seminar 20-02-2017 Student Seminar - Speakers: 1.Vishnu Vijay V 2.Divyaa Gupta
1.Impaired Epidermal to Dendritic T Cell Signaling Slows Wound Repair in Aged Skin.
2.Bacterial autolysins trim cell surface peptidoglycan to prevent detection by the Drosophila innate immune system.
Student_Seminar 17-02-2017 Student Seminar - Speakers: 1.Raj Bahadur 2.Gayathri Sreedharan
1.Sibling conflict and dishonest signaling in birds
2.Species Independent Attraction to Biofilms using Electrical Signalling
Student_Seminar 16-02-2017 Student Seminar - Speakers: 1.AS Priti 2.Shemin Mansuri
1.Nuclear Localization of Mitochondrial TCA Cycle Enzymes as a Critical Step in Mammalian Zygotic Genome Activation
2.Mind the gap: Neural coding of species identity in birdsong prosody
Student_Seminar 15-02-2017 Student Seminar - Speakers: 1.Sudipta Mondal 2.Deepak Kumar Kashyap
1.Biophysical comparison of ATP synthesis mechanisms shows a kinetic advantage for the rotary process
2.Five color variants of bright luminescent protein for real time multi color bio-imaging
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