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Title Journal Year
Hair Cortisol in Sheltered Cows and Its Association with Other Welfare Indicators.Animals 2019, 9, 2482019
Physiological stress responses of tigers due to anthropogenic disturbance especially tourism in two central Indian tiger reserves.Conservation Physiology 7(1): coz045; doi:10.1093/conphys/coz045.2019
Cross-specific markers reveal retention of genetic diversity in captive-bred pygmy hog, a critically endangered suid. Conservation Genetics Resources https://doi.org/10.1007/s12686-019-01091-12019
Comparison of tiger`s fecal glucocorticoids level in two extreme habitatsPlos One https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.02144472019
Non-invasive monitoring of steroid hormones in wildlife for conservation and management of endangered species - A review. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 57:307-314.2019
Correlates of physiological stress and habitat factors in reintroduction-based recovery of tiger (Panthera tigris) populations. Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy, https://doi.org/10.4404/hystrix-00063-2018 2018
Physiological stress responses in wild Asian elephants Elephas maximus in a human-dominated landscape in the Western Ghats, southern India. 2018, General and Comparative Endocrinology, doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ygcen.2018.05.0092018
First record of Eurasian otter Lutra lutra in the Anamalai Hills, southern Western Ghats, India 2017. IUCN Otter Spec. Group Bull. 35: 46-56.2017
Prevalence and Co-occurrence of Gastrointestinal Parasites in Nilgiri Langur (Trachypithecus johnii) of Fragmented Landscape in Anamalai Hills, Western Ghats, India. Current Science 113: 2194-2200.2017
Non-invasive hormone monitoring as an emerging tool in wildlife conservation 2017. In `Updates on Integrative Physiology and Comparative Endocrinology Modern Biology`Published by Banaras Hindu University, Banaras.pp 88-108.2017
Genetic Diversity and Structure among Isolated Populations of the Endangered Gees Golden Langur in Assam, India. PLoS ONE 11(8): e0161866. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.01618662016
Non-invasive monitoring of reproductive and stress hormones in the endangered red panda (Ailurus fulgens fulgens). Animal Reproduction Science 2016
Prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in civets of fragmented rainforest patches in Anamalai hills, Western Ghats, India. Journal of Parasitlogy 2016
Non-invasive pregnancy diagnosis in big cats using the PGFM (13,14-dihydro-15-keto-PGF2α) assay.PLoS ONE 10(12): e0143958. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.01439582015
Pre-historic and recent vicariance events shape genetic structure and diversity in endangered lion-tailed macaque in the Western Ghats: Implications for conservation.PLoS ONE 10(11): e0142597. doi:10.1371/journal. pone.0142597.2015
Non-invasive assessment of faecal progestagens and pregnancy detection in Himalayan Musk Deer (Moschus chrysogaster). Theriogenology, Doi. :10.1016/j.theriogenology. 2015.09.009.2015
Endocrine Profiling of Endangered Tropical Chelonians Using Non-Invasive Fecal Steroid Analyses.Chelonian conservation Biology 2015, 14(1):1-72015
Glucocorticoid stress responses of tigers in relation to anthropogenic disturbance in Sariska tiger reserve, India. PLOS ONE 10.1371/ Journal.pone.01276262015
Mammalian gastrointestinal parasites in rainforest remnants of Anamalai Hills, Western Ghats, India. Journal of Biosciences. 40 399-406 DOI 10.1007/s12038-015-9517-52015
The Lion-tailed macaque: A case study in the impacts of forest fragmentation. In: A Textbook of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, M.Balakrishnan (ed). Scientific Publishers, Jodhpur. [In press]2014
Observations on reproductive performance of Indian mouse deer (Moschiola indica) in captivity.Current Science 106:439-441. 2014
Non-invasive assessment of reproductive status and stress in captive Asian elephants in three south Indian zoos. General and Comparative Endocrinology, 201: 37-442014
Research in Habitat Fragmentation: Are We Moving in the Right Direction?Journal of Primatology 2: e119. doi:10.4172/2167-6801.1000e1192013
Human presence increases parasitic load in endangered lion-tailed macaques (Macaca silenus) in its fragmented rainforest habitats in southern India. PLOS ONE 10.1371/journal.pone.0063685.2013
Conservation-oriented captive breeding of primates in India: is there a perspective? Current. Science, 103 : 1399-1400.2012
Detection of pregnancy and fertility status in big cats using an enzyme immunoassay based on 5α-pregnan-3α-ol-20-one. Gen Comp Endocrinol. 2012. doi: S0016-6480(12)00415-7. 10.1016/j.ygcen.2012.10.009.2012
The 34,XY(1),der(13) Chromosome Constitution with Loss of Y(2) Is Associated with Unilateral Testicular Hypoplasia in the Endangered Indian Blackbuck Antelope (Antilope cervicapra).Sex Dev. 2012 Jul 25:240-246. 2012
Averting biodiversity collapse in tropical forest protected areas.Nature, 2012 doi:10.1038/nature113182012
Impact of Habitat Fragmentation on the arboreal mammals. Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN 978-3-8465-5114-1. p. 148.2011
Monitoring of vultures in Andhra Pradesh. In Bhupathy et al (eds). Status of Indian birds and their conservation.Proceedings of the First International Conference on Indian Ornithology, SaCON, Coimbatore, India. Pp 195-198.2011
Impact of Habitat Fragmentation on the Demography of Lion-tailed Macaque (Macaca silenus) Populations in the Rainforests of Anamalai Hills, Western Ghats, IndiaInternational Journal of Primatology 32, 889-9002011
Long-tailed macaques (Crab-eating macaque, Macaca fascicularis umbrosa) in Nicobar Islands, IndiaRecent Trends in Biodiversity in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Zoological Survey of India, Govt. of India. pp 449-454.2010
Tolazoline antagonizes ketamine-xylazine anaesthesia in an endangered Black buck (Antilope cervicapra)European Journal of Wildlife Research. 55:357-361.2009
Yohimbine antagonizes the anaesthetic effects of ketamine-xylazine in captive Indian wild felids.Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia, 36, 34-41.2009
Semen characteristics, semen short term storage and successful artificial insemination following oestrous synchronisation in Blackbuck.Reproduction Fertility and Development 21: 749-756.2009
Status and distribution of vultures in Andhra Pradesh, IndiaForktail 25: 163-166.2009
Chemical capture of wild animals.In: You Deserve, We Conserve (Eds. Pandit, MW, Shivaji, S and Lalji Singh), I.K International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi p 77-82.2007
Conservation of Mega cats conservation: Problems and Approach.In: You Deserve, We Conserve (Eds. Pandit, MW, Shivaji, S and Lalji Singh), I.K International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi p 7-182007
Estrus behavior and fecal steroid profiles in the Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica) during natural and gonadotropin-induced estrus.Anim. Reprod. Sci. 101:313-25.2007
Anesthesia induced by administration of xylazine hydrochloride alone or in combination with ketamine hydrochloride and reversal by administration of yohimbine hydrochloride in captive Axis deer (Axis axis).Am J Vet Res. 68 :20-4.2007
Seasonal variations in semen characteristics, semen cryopreservation, estrus synchronization, and successful artificial insemination in the spotted deer (Axis axis).Theriogenology. 67(8):1371-8.2007
Semen characteristics of the captive Indian white-backed vulture (Gyps bengalensis).Biology of Reproduction, 73: 1039-1045.2005
Semen characteristics, cryopreservation and successful artificial insemination in the Blue Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) as model for endangered bird species.Theriogenology 62: 139-153.2004
Development and characterization of ten novel microsatellite markers from Chital deer (Cervus axis) and their cross amplification in other related species.Molecular Ecology Notes 3: 607 - 609.2003
Conservation of Wild animals by assisted reproduction and Molecular marker technology.J. Exp. Bio. 41:710-7232003
Status and distribution of crab-eating macaque in Nicobar Islands in India.International Journal of Primatology. 24 (2): 281-293.2003
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The occurrence of arboreal mammals in the rain forest fragments in Anamalai Hills in the Western Ghats, South India.Biological Conservation 92: 311-319.2000
Home range and habitat use by Indian Grey mongoose and small Indian civets in Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve India.In ENVIS Bulletin: Wildlife and Protected Areas, Mustelids, Viverrids and Herpestides of India. S.H.Hussain (Ed) Vol 2 (2):1999
Occurance of the Indian Python (Python molurus) near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.Cobra, 31:19.1998
Comparative study on the haematology and blood chemistry of blue rock pigeon and spotted dove.PAVO 35 (127): 23-35.1996
Movement of Nilgiri langur in the Fragmented rain forest of Anamalai Hills.J. Bombay Nat. His. Soc., 95: 123.1996
A study on the management and conservation of the small mammals in fragmented rain forests of Western Ghats, South India. A preliminary report.Primate conservation, 16:53-58.1995
A preliminary study on feeding ecology of common otter (Lutra lutra nair)IUCN Otter Spec.Group Bull. 11: 31-33.1995
Meat eating by lion-tailed macaque (Macaca silenus).J. Bombay Nat. His. Soc. 93: 79.1995
A new record of little pied flycatcher from Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.News letter for Birdwatchers, 34(2): 33.1994
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