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Arvind Kumar Group`s Publications
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Title Journal Year
Disrupting the hippocampal Piwi pathway enhances contextual fear memory in miceNeurobiology of Learning & Memory (in press)2019
Increased stress and altered expression of histone modifying enzymes in brain are associated with aberrant behaviour in vitamin B12 deficient female mice.Nutr Neurosci. (in press)2019
Mice with Partial Deletion of Y-heterochromatin Exhibits Stress VulnerabilityFrontiers in Behav Neurosci (accepted for publication) 2018
Transient global cerebral ischemia differentially affects cortex, striatum and hippocampus in bilateral common carotid artery occlusion (BCCAo) mouse model J Chem Neuroanat. 2018 Oct;92:1-15. doi: 10.1016/j.jchemneu.2018.04.006.2018
Sub-Anesthetic Ketamine Reverses Neuronal and Astroglial Metabolic Activity Deficits in a Social Defeat Model of Depression Journal of Neurochemistry 2018 Jul 2. doi: 10.1111/jnc.145442018
Fellutamide B Synthetic Path Intermediates with in Vitro Neuroactive Function Shows Mood-Elevating Effect in Stress-Induced Zebrafish Model ACS Omega 3, 10534-105442018
A Functional Role for the Epigenetic Regulator ING1 in Activity-induced Gene Expression in Primary Cortical NeuronsNeuroscience2017
Leucine-rich repeat-containing 8B (LRRC8B) protein is associated with the endoplasmic reticulum calcium leak in HEK293 cellsJ cell Sci (in press)2017
Sex differences in the effect of chronic mild stress on mouse prefrontal cortical BDNF levels: A role of major ovarian hormonesNeuroscience2017
Sex difference in mouse hypothalamic transcriptome profile in stress-induced depression modelBiochem Biophys Res Comm (in press)2017
A 2-oxa-spiro[5.4]decane scaffold displays neurotrophic, neurogenic and anti-neuroinflammatory activities with high potential for development as a versatile CNS therapeuticScientific Reports2017
Implications of Epigenetic Mechanisms and their Targets in Cerebral Ischemia ModelsCurr. Neuropharmacol.2016
Differential effect of chronic stress on mouse hippocampal memory and affective behavior: Role of major ovarian hormones.Behav Brain Res2016
Histone lysine demethylases of JMJD2 or KDM4 family are important epigenetic regulators in reward circuitry in the etiopathology of depression.Neuropsychopharmacology (In Press)2016
Insights into the epigenetic mechanisms involving histone lysine methylation and demethylation in ischemia induced damage and repair has therapeutic implicationBBA - Molecular Basis of Disease2016
Sameerpannag Ras Mixture (SRM) improved neurobehavioral deficits following acute ischemic stroke by attenuating neuroinflammatory response.J Ethnopharmacol. 2016
Sirtuin 1 and 7 mediate the resveratrol induced recovery from hyper-anxiety in high fructose fed prediabetic rats.J Biosci. (in Press)2016
Natural product based novel small molecules with promising neurotrophic, neurogenic and anti-neuroinflammatory actions can be developed as stroke therapeutics (PERSPECTIVE)NEURAL REGENERATION RESEARCH (in press)2016
Role of Annexin gene and its regulation during Zebrafish caudal fin regeneration.Wound Repair Regen2016
A novel natural product inspired scaffold with robust neurotrophic, neurogenic and neuroprotective action. Scientific Reports (in Press)2015
Prohexadione, a Plant Growth Regulator, Inhibits Histone Lysine Demethylases and Modulates Epigenetics. Toxicology Report, Elsevier (in Press)2014
Epigenetic Regulatory Mechanisms in Stress Induced Behavior.Int Rev Neurosci (in Press)2014
Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors and Psychiatric DisordersEpigenetics in Psychiatry, J. Peedicayil, D. Avramopoulos, D.R. Grayson (edited), Elsevier (in Press) 2014
Dysfunctional Glutamatergic and GABAergic Activities in Prefrontal Cortex of Mice in Social Defeat Model of DepressionBiol Psychiatry (in Press)2013
Chronic Unpredictable Stress (CUS)-Induced Anxiety and Related Mood Disorders in a Zebrafish Model: Altered Brain Proteome Profile Implicates Mitochondrial DysfunctionPLoS ONE 8(5): e63302. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0063302 2013
Early stress evokes age-dependent biphasic changes in hippocampal neurogenesis, Bdnf expression and cognitionBiological Psychiatry 73( 7) , 658-6662013
Insight into cocaine-induced neural and behavioral adaptations using genome-wide expression profiling and epigenomic analysisCurr Psychopharm, 1(4): 332-345. 2012
P2X7 receptor - Pannexin 1 hemichannel association: effect of extracellular calcium on membrane permeabilizationJ Mol Neurosci. 46(3):585-94.2012
Role of proteomics in biomarker discovery and psychiatric disorders: current status, potentials, limitations and future challengesExpert Rev. Proteomics 9(3), 249-265 (2012)2012
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