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Factors influencing occupancy of Travancore tortoise (Indotestudo travancorica) population inside tropical Protected Areas in south India. [Highlights the insidious threat of furtive hunting that several secretive wildlife such as Travancore tortoise face within protected areas in the Western Ghats]Oryx.[In press.] 2014
Molecular evolution of vertebrate neurotrophins: Co-option of the highly conserved nerve growth factor gene into the advanced snake venom arsenal.[We provide the first evidence that shows venom-secreted NGF follows the molecular evolutionary pattern of other venom components, and therefore, participates in prey envenomation]PLoS ONE 8(11): e81827.2013
A new species of Coryphophylax Fitzinger in: Steindachner, 1867 (Sauria: Iguania: Agamidae) from the Andaman Islands, India.[A new species of arboreal lizard endemic some islands in the Andaman archipelago has been described with details of its natural history]Zootaxa 3451: 31-45.2012
Phylogeography of Dasia Gray, 1830 (Reptilia: Scincidae), with the description of a new species from southern India.[The genus of arboreal skinks (Dasia) is represented in southeast Asia, Western Ghats and Sri Lanka. We resolved the phylogeny of these skinks and described a new species]Zootaxa 3233: 372012
Averting biodiversity collapse in tropical forest protected areas.[Tropical ecologists world-wide provide evidence for alarming levels deterioration within tropical protected areas world-wide. Consistent patterns across continents and the need for strengthening PAs is highlighted] Nature 489: 290-294.2012
Molecular phylogeny of the softshell turtle genus Nilssonia revisited, with first records of N. formosa for China and wild-living N. nigricans for Bangladesh.[The phylogenetic relationship among Asian Nilssonia turtles was constructed. The study also revealed the occurrence of wild relict population of black softshell turtle, thought to be extinct in the wild] Vertebrate Zoology 62(2): 261-272. 2012
Biodiversity values of abandoned teak, Tectona grandis plantations in southern Western Ghats: Is there a need for management intervention?.[We provide evidence that mere abandonment of teak plantations within protected areas will not improve biodiversity values. The need for actively managing teak plantations within PAs in India has emphasized]Basic and Applied Ecology 13(2012): 139-148.2012
Density and diversity of forest floor amphibians in the rainforests of the southern Western Ghats, India.[Density and species diversity of forest floor amphibians from the Western Ghats were quantified. Comparisons were made with datasets available from other tropical sites and existing hypotheses on were tested]Herpetologica 64(2): 207-215.2008
Patterns in diversity of anurans along an elevational gradient in the Western Ghats, south India.[Frog species richness, their reproductive modes and the proportion endemic along an elevational gradient in the Western Ghats is strongly influenced by habitat and soil temperature] Journal of Biogeography 34: 843-852.2007
Species Turnover: the case of stream amphibians of rainforests in the Western Ghats, Southern India.[Stream frogs show extremely restricted distribution, with some of them confined to just one valley in the mountains of the Western Ghats. The turnover of species between drainages and between mountain ranges explains the enormous diversity of frogs in the entire Western Ghats]Biodiversity and Conservation 15: 3515-3525.2006
Evaluating adaptive cluster sampling: Application to terrestrial herpetofauna in tropical rainforests, south India. [The efficacy of a novel method for sampling rare and clustered populations was tested with forest floor dwelling frogs. The efficiency of this method in comparison with other methods is presented]Wildlife Society Bulletin 34(1): 59-68.2006
Diet of Lapemis curtus (Hydrophiidae) along the coast of Goa, western India.[Shaw`s sea snake is a common by catch in coastal trawl fishery. Mortality of sea snakes caused due to trawling and the representation of heavily exploited commercial fish in the diet of the sea snake is highlighted] Copeia 3: 636-6402005
Jurassic frogs and the evolution of amphibian endemism in the Western Ghats. [Frogs endemic to the Western Ghats represent ancient lineage dating back to Jurassic period with deep phylogenetic splits, pointing at the evolutionary history encompassed in them. Description of a species is also provided]Current Science 86(1): 211-216.2004
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