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Mukesh Lodha Group`s Publications
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Title Journal Year
Phylogenetic relationship and domain organisation of SET domain proteins of Archaeplastida. BMC Plant Biology2017
The ASYMMETRIC LEAVES Complex Employs Multiple Modes of Regulation to Affect Adaxial-Abaxial Patterning and Leaf Complexity. Plant Cell2015
The ASYMMETRIC LEAVES complex maintains repression of KNOX homeobox genes via direct recruitment of Polycomb-repressive complex2. Genes and Development2013
A new assay for promoter analysis in Chlamydomonas reveals roles for heat shock elements and the TATA box in HSP70A promoter-mediated activation of transgene expression. Eukaryotic Cell2008
Genetic and epigenetic regulation of stem cell homeostasis in plants. Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol2008
Heat shock factor 1 is a key regulator of the stress response in Chlamydomonas. Plant Journal2007
J-domain protein CDJ2 and HSP70B are a plastidic chaperone pair that interacts with vesicle-inducing protein in plastids 1. Mol Biol Cell2005
Analysis of chromatin structure in the control regions of the chlamydomonas HSP70A and RBCS2 genes. Plant Molecular Biology 2005
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