Tender notification for providing Providing M.S. Steel Emergency Fire Escape Staircase for R & D block-1 at CSIR-CCMB

Ref No: CCMB/WKS-18/15 Date: 11-01-2016

Sealed tenders are invited by the Director, CSIR-C.C.M.B., Uppal Road, Hyderabad from the Registered and experienced Civil Contractors & Mechanical Fabricators/Contractors of C.P.W.D., Railways, M.E.S., Defence Organisations, P & T, BSNL, State R & B, P.W.D. and other Public Sector Undertakings or Govt. aided Autonomous Bodies like CSIR,ICMR,ICAR etc., and those who have carried out similar nature of i.e. Providing M.S. Steel Emergency Fire Stair Case in CSIR or in any of its National Laboratories or in any Govt. aided Autonomous Bodies like ICMR, ICAR etc., for the work of PROVIDING M.S. Steel Emergency Fire escape staircase for R & D BLOCK-1 at CSIR-CCMB, UPPAL ROAD, HYDERABAD 500 007.

The complete information about the notification is available in a downloadable pdf. Click here to download

Sale/Issue of Tender Documents 18-01-2016 to 01-02-2016
Cost of Tender Document ₹500/- (Rupees five hundred only)
E.M.D. to be deposited ₹40000/- (Rupees Fourty thousand only)
Last Date and Time for submission of tender 04-02-2016 up to 2:30PM
Date / Time of opening of tender 04-02-2016 at 4:30PM