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Art in Cell Biology

Cell biologists across the world are welcome to provide aesthetically appealing images ( real pictures or art forms) that convey structure and functions of cells. Participation in the meeting is not mandatory for submission of images. Awards for best images: Images displayed across the venue of the meeting will be awarded by a panel of judges including scientists and artists.

  • Click Your Science for ICCB 2018
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, who knows it better than cell biologists.
  • Send us the best shots you capture and make ICCB colorful. Registration and participation in the conference is not mandatory.
  • Use this chance to showcase your scientific art! Upload aesthetically appealing images of your original work on the website.
  • Please ensure that you have a high quality image of 300 dpi resolution and 220 mm wide.
  • Good luck and we look forward to your clicks!


Click here to upload image.