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Broad topics for scientific sessions:

Cell membrane- organization & function
Receptors- Growth factor receptors/ GPCRs/ intracellular/ nuclear receptors
Signaling intermediates
Regulation of and by the Cytoskeleton
Nuclear dynamics
Molecular motors and other cellular machines
Intra-cellular traffic/ transport
Post-translational modifications & their regulation
Nuclear matrix, chromatin & the Genome
Control by RNA/ non-coding sequences and their functions
Cellular processes in Development
Studying cells in 3 and 4 dimensions
Cell fate determinants /Stem cell biology
Organelle biology: Golgi/ primary cilium/centrosome/ mitochondria
Biology of single cell organisms
Microbes & host cell interplay
Modeling human disease
Metabolic control
DNA damage & repair
Translational cell science

Special topics/ sessions:

GPI anchors (30th anniversary special session)
New methods (single cell biology / novel model systems/ Imaging advances)
Emerging trends in cell biology
Physics and engineering in cell biology
Evolution of cellular functions
Systems biology/ networks in cells
Genome editing and cell biology
Special sessions on cell biology education/scientific writing /ethics/careers in cell biology