Feedback Messages

The news piece of Careers in Science session alongside ICCB2018 is up on our website. You can find it here. Once again, thank you for giving us this opportunity to host the session. I have also attached the response of participants that we got after the session for your kind perusal - very positive and constructive suggestions!!

Career in Science Workshop Feedback

Smita Jain

Excellent idea of merging three different cell biology society at single platform. Thanks allot for nice hospitality..wonderful and such a lively scientific environment..enjoyed such a good place..thanks allot for choosing good place. Above all extremely good management..Inspiring...

Sudhir Kumar

It was great in all aspect starting from scientific content, discussion and opportunity for students and postdocs to interact with eminent scientist and professionals in the ICCB 2018 platform. However, small issues with parallel sessions in different buildings were faced by many participants which we somewhat overcoming with your recorded video presentations on youtube now. Thanks a lot for so nice management and making the BIG ICCB 2018 a successful event. Cheers to Team ICCB 2018. Best, Sudipta


I thank organizers for making our stay relaxing and thanks for great hospitality. This conference has gave great opportunity to PhD student to meet professors and other people working in their respective field and share ideas and suggestions. I look forward for such meetings in future too.

Tulsi Upadhyay

Thank you for taking the ISCB to a higher level and conducting an amazingly well-organized and coordinated ICCB-2018 in Hyderabad. I wanted to request, if the list of winners for poster sessions could be provided as I could not attend the `awards and acknowledgement session`. Thank you, Nidhi


I am writing to place on record my sincere appreciation for your stupendous efforts to make ICCB 2018 grand success. I was a bit apprehensive of attending all days of this meeting but now after doing the same I am thankful that I chose to attend the entire meeting. The quality of science reflected through the talks and posters was very high. The satellite meeting arranged at IISER Pune following this meeting was also highly successful and the speakers really enjoyed their visit. I heard that the other two satellite meetings also received similar response. Most of the foreign delegates were impressed with the institutes they visited and their interactions with the faculty and students. I am sure this would reflect very positively when they consider Indian student/postdoc applicants as well as manuscripts submitted by Indian PIs.
I would like to congratulate all CCMB staff members and student volunteers who tirelessly worked towards this cause.


I was indeed a great pleasure participating in the International Congress for Cell Biology 2018. Not only you organized the meeting but set such an standard that is unimaginable. All talks were of very high international standard, great quality posters and most comfortable stay, good food. I am certain that you brought respect for our country at International Cell Biology forum. I do not have words to express my feelings and send my sincere gratitude to all of you and for your entire team.

Jagath K Roy

Just a note of thanks from the speakers. We all thought that the meeting was a success, not in small measure from you and your teamís efforts. The future of India is its students. Judging from our interactions, the future is bright. We are all impressed not only at the quality of their research but also at their desire and commitment to succeed. I can only hope that meetings in Sípore or the US can achieve the level of discussions we experienced with the students over the past week. Congratulations on a truly successful meeting, youíve set a new standard for an international meeting.

Paul Thomas & Wah Chui

The quality of science on offer was remarkable. It was a brilliant idea to emphasise mechanical phenomena (high time too) and disease-related aspects. The range of technical skills on display in the posters was impressive, as was the level of sophistication evident in many of them. It was equally evident in the students who described their work. They cheered me up enormously and made me feel optimistic about the future of biology in India. Inevitably, considering the large number of posters, there were interesting overlaps. Even in my not very thorough survey I could spot a couple and bring them to the attention of the people involved. I wonder whether something could be done to further this sort of thing, to help in uncovering unsuspected links. On the flip side, the scale of the meeting meant that one had to miss talks one would have wished to attend. The living arrangements were excellent, even a bit lavish, and there may be room for paring costs there. The catering was organised very well. Before I came to the meeting a few students told me that they wanted to attend but could not afford to do so, which I thought was a pity. Perhaps ISCB should give some thought to the trade-off between the obvious pluses of holding a large international meeting and what it could entail in terms of student participation, or the participation of college teachers, who I feel should be induced to attend meetings like this. The people who handled transport deserve an extra cheer.

Vidyanand Nanjundiah

The course was amazing. Kudos to the organizers.

Abrar Ahmed Bhat

The conference was spectacular. Food and stay was also good. However it would be better if you can also include sections of disease biology along with developmental biology.

Debasish Paul

The conference was intense and intellectually rewarding. It was a great platform to network and to open our minds to new ideas. The organization and planning was impeccable. Thank you organizers and team CCMB for such a rewarding conference. I particularly want to thank faculty and students of CCMB for being such warm hosts and for the flash mob, fun evenings. I felt that the Scientific Writing workshop reiterated the obvious (whats already there on their website) and was not exciting. I wish the pointers could work to help the presentations run smoothly. Also, the poster judges seemed a little unaware of all areas of work (may need someone well informed/read). All in all so much to appreciate and so little to carp. It was my first international conference and shall remain special. Thank you Dr. Radha and Dr. Jyotsna.

Shrilaxmi Joshi

This conference inclined me a lot towards research field. Listening to speakers was much inspiring. Poster session gave me opportunity to know about different fields of researches. Conference was much fruitful. Thank you!

Krishna sundar Twayana

For Poster Prizes cash prizes would have been better instead of giving away books which may not be read by everyone. Thanks


The meeting was truly an academic feast!!!!

Kritarth Singh

I thank the organizers for organizing such a MEGA-wonderful Congress on cell biology. All the sessions were well planned and were thought provoking. Additional sessions on science in India and the career options for students followed by panel discussion by the experts were marvellous. The parallel sessions of minisymposia had although accommodated many fields of cell biology, it was difficult for the audience to attend all the sessions...:-) Thanks once again.


ICCB2018 conference was well organised conference. Eminent scientist of different countries covered most aspect of cell biology. I enjoyed stay at Leonia resort.


Heartfelt thanks to the organizers and your team for bringing together the choicest people on the earth who have resolved and simplified our understanding of a cell. Special appreciation for keeping the mega-event in-time. I never wanted the conference to end. The complete event was much higher than my expectation.

Atanu Banerjee

This congress is very very useful for me. I was really enjoyed. The sessions are more effective. The food is not good; there is few items only. I felt Campfire dinner is only best. Accommodation cost is very high. Finally, I was registered for Travel Award, But, I am not get it, I don't the reason, Why they are rejected me?. Moreover, The awards received by central institutes only. We are from state institutes, we can face all this using what kind of facilities we have. Hereafter, Please consider us also. However, congress is really good.


A very refreshing 5 day conference on various topics - changed my thought process. There are so many options beyond just bench work or the linear transition from phd-to-post doc- to- faculty. Missed out on a few symposia due to parallel sessions, but enjoyed them nonetheless. Real case studies on rare diseases or clinical cases can be showcased with more emphasis.

sowmya jahnavi

The conference was very useful. The location and the stay was also good. The menu and the food could be improved

Aloysius Dhivya M

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. For a conference of this scale everything went really smooth and all credits go to the people who organized it. We dint have to wait for anything(food, transport etc) and there were enough volunteers and people to help us with anything. Really enjoyed my stay at Leonia, amazing place for conference this big. Thanks to all the people who were part of this organizing committe and you guys did a really good job. I have one small suggestion, all the mini-symposium could have been in halls from the same building. Apart from this there is no complaint at all.

Vairavan Lakshmanan

Beyond Excellent.....

P Sangha Mokshavi

The conference was very useful for me. Pros: Helped me to understand research. Easy for me to understand internal organelles of cell. Cons: Travelling is the major problem it would be good if you provided bus for non-accomodation people from nearby bus-stop it will be fine. People are struggled to reach leonia. May be next time you can provide something like education fair to connect indian students and researchers from abroad. please think about disadvantages Thanks fair your valuable time


I want to congratulate the organizers for organizing such a mega event which consisted participation from every domain of cell biology. The management for Talks and symposia was excellent. I also favour the concept of Go Green undertaken by the organizers in saving papers used for printing the abstract books. However, the certificates could have been printed. Indeed the key note talks and talks from mini symposia really enlightend the participants about the latest in the fields. The poster session was good and the response from the visitors was appreciable. There could have been more talks from the students too. We are obliged by the facility for pickup and drop for the airport. Cultural evening program was awesome. Cons:I stayed in the dormitory set up. The bed arrangement was good. Although, the number of bathrooms and washrooms was ample, very few of them were working. That was really disappointing. The menu for food for lunch and dinner wasn't that great. The quality of food was also also average. The breakfast menu was excellent.

Harish Bharambe

The Congress was well organised inspite of having such huge participation. The talks were well chosen..Punctuality of all events is really appreciated. Congratulations to the Organisers!

Asha Abraham

I found this international conference to be successful at every corner right from the hospitality to the carry over of the technical session along side the poster session as well. We fro the Patna University would be very eager to attend or participate any similar events /training/etc. Wish you all luck the organizers. SNC Ray

Shreeman Nirjhar Chandra Ray