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Lecture 07-04-2010
Lecture by Dr. Malla Raghav Rao, Dy Branch Chief,Parasitology and International Programs NIAID, NIH,Bethesda, USA. @ 2:30PM
Translational Research for Neglected Tropical Diseases at NIAID
Lecture 05-04-2010
Lecture by Dr. Tim Petersen, BD Biosciences, Seattle, USA. @ 12:00 noon
Overcoming challenges in cell sorting for therapeutic applications
Lecture 29-03-2010
Lecture by Dr. Kalika Prasad, Utrecht University, USA. @ 12:00 noon
Admiring the beauty of nature : the control of organ positioning in plants
Lecture 26-03-2010
Lecture by Dr. Philippe JUIN, France. @ 2:30 PM
Molecular Basis of Cancer Cell Dependence on Bcl2 - Family members
Lecture 25-03-2010
Lecture by Dr. Santhosh Girirajan, University of Washington, Seattle, USA. @ 2:30 pm
Genomic rearrangements and variable neurodevelopmental phenotypes
Lecture 24-03-2010
Lecture by Dr. B K Kishore, University of Utah, USA. at 12:00 noon
Aquaporin Water Channels: From Molecules to Bedside
Viva-Voce 17-03-2010
Viva-Voce of Mr. Tilak Ram Shrestha, @ 12.00 noon
Thesis : Growth Hormone Gene Manipulation in Channa striatus Bloch.
Lecture 17-03-2010
Lecture by Prof. Akira Ishihama, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan. at 12:00 noon
Prokaryotic Genome Regulation: Multi-factor Promoters, Multi-target Regulators and Multi-factor Networks
Lecture 15-03-2010
Lecture by Dr. Lynn Miesel, Merck Research Laboratories, New Jersey, USA. @ 4.00 pm
New ways to discover antibacterial agents that synergize with beta-lactam antibiotics
Lecture 11-03-2010
Lecture by Dr. Maruthachalam Ravi, University of California, Davis. at 12:00 noon
10X10=5:Induction of Haploids in Arabidopsis by Centromere Mediated Genome Elimination
Lecture 10-03-2010
@04:00 PM
A lecture by Dr. Aprotim Mazumder Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA, USA
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Single cell measurements of DNA damage responses, from yeast to mice, with High Content and High Resolution Imaging
Lecture 03-03-2010
Lecture by Padma Shri Dr. Sunil Kothari, Leading dance historian, scholar, author and critic of Indian classical dances. at 5.00 pm
Bolywood Dances and its Impact upon Indian Classical Dance Forms
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