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Colloquium 27-07-2017
@12:00 noon
Colloquium by Mr Titus S Ponrathnam
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Non-homeotic functions of Hox genes: Insights from autophagy and leukemia
Lecture 21-07-2017
@4:00 pm
Lecture by Dr Sushma Shivaswamy,Vice President, Research & Development,XBiotech USA Inc.Austin, TX, USA
[Venue:I-Hub-(CCMB Annexe-II)]
True HumanTM Antibodies: A Path to Safe and Effective Antibody Therapy
Colloquium 20-07-2017
@4:00 pm
Colloquium by Mr Meraj Ahmad
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Identification of novel genes associated with type 2 diabetes and related traits and understanding their functional relationship
General_Talk 14-07-2017
@2:30 pm
A General talk by Mr. Manish K Johri, AcSIR PhD student
[Venue:Center Court]
HEPATITIS (Symptoms, cause, prevention and treatment)
Scientific Group Meeting 03-07-2017
@4:00 pm
Scientific Group Meeting - Speakers: 1. Mr.V. Devi Prasad 2. Mr. Sai Uday Kiran 3. Ms. Swetha S
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Want an eye in the back of your head? Got the nerve to handle it?
2. New mechanism for genome regulation.
3. Recent innovative and published research in month of June 2017.
Lecture 28-06-2017
@4:00 pm
Lecture by Dr Sanjeev Gupta,Lambe Institute for Translational Research,National University of Ireland,Galway, Ireland
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Unfolded Protein Response: Friend or Foe in breast cancer
Seminar 19-06-2017
@4 PM
Seminar in Hindi By Mr Manish K Johri, AcSIR PhD student
[Venue: Lecture Hall]
HEPATITIS: Symptoms, cause, prevention and treatment
Lecture 16-06-2017
@4:00 pm
Lecture by Mr. Rahul Singh, Managing Director ,Lycan Lab, Bangalore
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Using Additive Manufacturing for biomedical applications: Possibilities and roadmaps
Lecture 15-06-2017
@4:00 pm
Lecture by Dr. Ravi Venkatramani,Department of Chemical Sciences,Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,Mumbai
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Towards Quantitative Descriptions of Biomolecular Dynamics: Computational and Spectroscopic Descriptors
Scientific Group Meeting 12-06-2017
@4:00 pm
Scientific Group Meeting - Speakers:
1. Ms. Neha Rajendra Kachewar 2. Mr. Sujoy Deb 3.Mr. Pradyumna Paranjape
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1.Controlling bacteria`s necessary evil: Quorum sensing helps beneficial bacteria reign in their pathogenic origins
2.The flying warrior brides.
3.Recent innovative and published research in month of May 2017.
Lecture 09-06-2017
@4:00 pm
Lecture by Dr Thomas Pucadyil, IISER, Pune
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
A Screen for Membrane Fission Catalysts
Lecture 08-06-2017
@12:00 noon
Lecture by Dr Rakesh Pandey, NII, New Delhi
[Venue:Director`s Committee Room]
Modeling the regulation of photosynthesis genes in Rhodobacter
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