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Award for CCMB Scientist 24-09-2013 The Hindu
CCMB Scientist bags Life time Achievement award 24-09-2013 The Hans India
Mutation increasing Leprosy risk found 20-09-2013 Deccan Chronicle
New Study Finds Genetic Variation Raises Leprosy Risk 20-09-2013 The New Indian Express
Risk of Leprosy increases with genetic variation 20-09-2013 The Hindu Business Line
Scientist have found the gene that leads to the early oneset of chronic pancreatitis 19-08-2013 Gene Story
Scientists discover gene mutations causing pancreatitis 19-08-2013 Press Trust of India
Scisntists discover pancreatitis causing gene 19-08-2013 Deccan Herald
Gene causing chronic inflammation of pancreas discovered 19-08-2013 The Business Line
Breakthrough in pancreatitis research 19-08-2013 The Hans India
Gene causing chronic pancreatitis found 19-08-2013 The Hindu
Gene Mutations that cause pancreatitis spotted 19-08-2013 Deccan Cronicle
CCMB team discovers Indian mutation related to chronic pancreatitis 19-08-2013 Business Standard
Scientists discover genetic causes of pancreatitis 19-08-2013 The Times of India
Indians rarely married outside after caste system came into being 18-08-2013 The New Indian Express
Pancreatitis in Indians is mostly Genetic: CCMB-AIG Study 18-08-2013 The New Indian Express
HIV and neurocognitive disorders 15-08-2013 The Hindu
Few thousand years ago, Indian population structure was vastly different from today 13-08-2013 Business Line
Caste in India not older than 2300 yrs 10-08-2013 The Hans India
Caste system is 2,000-year-old 10-08-2013 Deccan Cronicle
Caste System a Recent Development 10-08-2013 The New Indian Express
The caste devide 10-08-2013 Mint (Journal) Paper
An other bit of Pattanam puzzle found 09-08-2013 The Hindu
Population Admixture happened in India for 2,300 years 09-08-2013 The Hindu
Heady mix of DNA-NDA 05-08-2013 The Hindu

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