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Three-dimensional models of Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteins Rv1555, Rv1554 and their docking analyses with sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil drugs, suggest interference with quinol binding likely to affect protein's function.BMC Structural Biology [Link]2018
Structural complexity and functional diversity of the plant NADPH oxidases Amino Acids (DOI 10.1007/s00726-017-2491-5)2017
Comparative analyses of the proteins from Mycobacterium tuberculosis and human genomes: Identification of potential tuberculosis drug targets.GENE (available online: GENE, 5 January 2016. Nature India, 18th January 2016, IndiaBioscience 16th Feb 2016)2016
Analyses of the Sequence and Structural Properties Corresponding to Pentapeptide and Large Palindromes in Proteins.PLoS ONE 10(10): e0139568. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.01395682015
Serotype 1 and 8 Pneumococci Evade Sensing by Inflammasomes in Human Lung TissuePLoS One. 2015 Aug 28;10(8):e0137108. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0137108. eCollection 2015.2015
Can natural proteins designed with `inverted` peptide sequences adopt native-like protein folds?PLOS ONE (in press, 2014)2014
Versatile roles of plant NADPH oxidases and emerging concepts.Biotechnology Advances, Online version 20 February 2014 [Link]2014
Analysis of bortezomib inhibitor docked within the catalytic subunits of the Plasmodium falciparum 20S proteasomeSpringerPlus Journal, October 20132013
Novel functions and binding partners of the ExPEC adhesion IFEMS 5th Congress of European Microbiologists Proceedings (Abstract)2013
Certain heptapeptide and large sequences representing an entire helix, strand or coil conformation in proteins are associated as chameleon sequences Int J Biol Macromol (2011, in press). 2011
Structural rationale for the recognition of arginine at P3 in PEXEL motif containing proteins of Plasmodium falciparum by plasmepsin VProtein and Peptide Letters (2011, in press)2011
Structure prediction and validation of an affibody engineered for cell-specific nucleic acid targetingSyst. Synth. Biol.2011
Analysis of the conformations corresponding to hexapeptide and large sequences characterized by continuous single amino acid repeats in proteinsProtein and Peptide Letters, Vol.17, Issue 12:1459-14652010
Conformational analysis corresponding to intra-chain disulfide bridged peptides in proteins of known three-dimensional structure.Protein Pept Lett., 15(2): 160-87.2008
A database server for making flexible queries relating amino acid sequences to main-chain secondary structure conformations for proteins of known three-dimensional structure and certain useful applicationsInt J Biol Macromol., 41: 109-113.2007
Analysis of disulphide bond connectivity patterns in protein tertiary structureInt J Biol Macromol., May 30;38(3-5):174-9.2006
Juxtaposed half-cystines as disulphide bridged partners in protein tertiary structureProtein and Peptide Letters., 13(6):577-9.2006
Computational tools for the analysis of heteroatom groups and their neighbours in protein tertiary structureInt J Biol Macromol., Oct 30;37(1-2):35-41.2005
PSSARD: Protein Sequence-Structure Analysis Relational DatabaseInt J Biol Macromol., 36(4):259-62.2005
The automatic detection of known beta-propeller structural motifs from protein tertiary structureInt J Biol Macromol., 36(3):176-83. 2005
Three-dimensional models and structure analysis of corynemycolyltransferases in Corynebacterium glutamicum and Corynebacterium efficiens.Int J Biol Macromol., 34(3):181-9.2004
Structural plasticity associated with the b - propeller architecture.Int J Biol Macromol., 34(1-2):55-61.2004
Identification and analysis of novel tandem repeats in the cell surface proteins of Archaeal and Bacterial genomes using computational tools.Comparative and Functional Genomics, Wiley. 5:2-16.2004
Three-dimensional models corresponding to the C-terminal domain of human a A- and a B-crystallins based on the crystal structure of the small heat-shock protein HSP16.9 from wheat.Int J Biol Macromol., 33(1-3):107-12. 2003
Analysis of US patents granted to Indian Inventors.J. Intellectual Property Rights (JIPR)., 8:205-12. 2003
Combinations of turns in proteins.J Pept Res., 62(4):167-74. 2003
Prediction of g -turns from amino acid sequences.J Pept Res., 61(5):243-51. 2003
Prediction of b -turns from amino acid sequences using the residue-coupled model.J Pept Res., 61(4):159-62.2003
Analysis of gb, bg, gg, bb continuous turns in proteins.J Pept Res., 57(4):292-300. 2001
Analysis of gb, bg, gg, bb multiple turns in proteins.J Pept Res., 56(4):250-63.2001
Isolated and multiple b -turns with proline in the third position. Current Science., 79(7):992-994. 2000
b and g -turns in proteins revisited: a new set of amino acid turn-type dependent positional preferences and potentials.J Biosci., 25(2):143-56. 2000
Web-based database of structural motifs in proteins.Nature NewsIndia., 7. 2000
Database of structural motifs in proteins.Bioinformatics. 2000 Apr;16(4):372-5. 2000
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