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Title Journal Year
DRB4 dsRBD1 drives dsRNA recognition in Arabidopsis thaliana tasi/siRNA pathway Nucleic Acids Research - In Press.2017
Recent Excitements in Protein NMR: Large Proteins and Biologically Relevant Dynamics Journal of Biosciecnes 2016
8th RNA Group Meeting: Novelties and Outcome Indian Natn Sci Acad 2016
Independent amino acid residues in the S2 pocket of falcipain-3 determine its distinct activities Molecular & Biochemical Parasitology2015
Chemical shift assignments of DRB4 (1-153), a dsRNA binding protein in A. thaliana RNAi pathwayBiomolecular NMR Assignment 2015
Backbone and stereospecific 13C methyl Ile (δ1), Leu and Val side-chain chemical shift assignments of Crc Biomolecular NMR Assignments 2015
Delineating the reaction mechanism of reductase domains of nonribosomal peptide synthetases from MycobacteriaJournal of Structural Biology2014
Structure of RDE-4 dsRBDs and mutational studies provide insights in the dsRNA recognition in C. elegans RNAi Biochemical Journal, 458 (1), 119-1302014
Mechanism of chiral proofreading during translation of the genetic code Elife. 2:e01519 2013
Lipase in aqueous-polar organic solvents: activity, structure, and stability Protein Science, 22(7), 904-15 2013
Backbone and sidechain methyl Ile(δ1), Leu and Val chemical shift assignments of RDE-4 (1-243), an RNA interference initiation protein in C. elegansBiomolecular NMR Assignments, 6(2), 143-6 2012
In vitro evolved non-aggregating and thermostable lipase: Structural and thermodynamic investigationJournal of Molecular Biology, 413(3), 726-41 2011
Mechanistic insights into cognate substrate discrimination during proofreading in translationProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 107(51), 22117-212010
mRNA decapping is promoted by an RNA binding channel in Dcp2.Molecular Cell, 29, 324-336, 2008.2008
Backbone and Ile(δ1), Leu and Val Resonance Assignments of the Catalytic Domain of the Yeast mRNA Decapping Enzyme, Dcp2Biomolecular NMR Assignments, 1, 17-18.2007
Inter-domain Orientation and Motions in VAT-N Explored by RDCs and 15N Backbone RelaxationMagnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 44(S1), S89-S1002006
NMR Studies Reveal Structural Differences Between the Gallium and Yttrium Complexes of DOTA-D-Phe1-Tyr3-OctreotideJournal of Medicinal Chemistry, 48(5), 1506-1514 2005
Residual Dipolar Coupling Constant: An Elementary Derivation of Key EquationsConcepts in Magnetic Resonance, 21A(1), 10-212004
Structural comparison of three DOTATOC metal complexesEuropean Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 28(8), 1261-12612001
Design and Evaluation of New Ligands for Lysozyme Recovery by Affinity Thermo-precipitationChemical Engineering Science, 56, 5681-56922001
LCST in Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Copolymers: High Resolution Proton NMR InvestigationsPolymer, 41, 7951-79602000
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