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Title Journal Year
Association of aB-crystallin, a small heat shock protein, with actin: role in modulating actin filament dynamics in vivoJournal of Molecular Biology., 366: 756-7672007
Interaction of mammalian hsp22 with lipid membranesBiochemical Journal., 401: 437-4452007
Fibrillogenic and non-fibrillogenic ensembles of SDS-bound human a-synuclein, Journal of Molecular BiologyJournal of Molecular Biology., 364: 1061-10722006
The cataract-causing mutation G98R in human aA-crystallin leads to folding defects and loss of chaperone activity Molecular Vision, 12, 1372-9 2006 PDFMolecular Vision., 12: 1372-13792006
aB-crystallin, a small heat-shock protein, prevents the amyloid fibril growth of an amyloid ?peptide and ?-microglobulinBiochemical Journal., 392: 573-5812005
Arginine hydrochloride enhances the dynamics of subunit assembly and the chaperone-like activity of a-crystallinMolecular Vision., 11: 249-2552005
Critical balance of electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions is required for beta2-microglobulin amyloid fibril growth and stabilityBiochemical Journal., 44: 1288-12992005
Mammalian hsp22 is a heat-inducible small heat-shock protein with chaperone-like activity, Biochemical JournalBiochemical Journal., 15(381): 379-3872004
Oxidative refolding of lysozyme in trifluoroethanol (TFE) and ethylene glycol: interfering role of preexisting alpha-helical structure and intermolecular hydrophobic interactionsFEBS Letters., 557: 69-722004
Heat stress-induced localization of small heat shock proteins in mouse myoblasts: intranuclear lamin a/c speckles as target for alhpaB-crystallin and hsp25Experimental Cell Research ., 299: 393-4032004
Oligomeric hsp33 with enhanced chaperone activityJournal of Molecular Biology., 279: 55760-557692004
The IXI/V motif in the c-terminal extension of a-crystallins: alternative interactions and oligomeric assembliesMolecular Vision ., 10: 655-6622004
Role of the conserved SRLFDQFFG region of alpha-crystallin, a small heat shock proteinJournal of Molecular Biology ., 278: 51159-511662003
Structural perturbation and enhancement of the chaperone-like activity of alpha-crystallin by arginine hydrochloride.Protein Science., 12: 1262-12702003
Chaperone-like activity and surface hydrophobicity of 70s ribosome,FEBS Letters., 527: 234-2382002
Role of the c-terminal extensions of alpha-crystallins.Journal of Molecular Biology., 277: 45821-458282002
Expression of recombinant -crystallin in escherichia coli with the help of groel/es and its purification.Protein Expression and Purification., 21: 260-2672001
Studies on the alpha-crystallin target protein binding sites: sequential binding with two target proteins.Molecular Vision., 7: 114-1192001
Unfolding and refolding of a quinone oxidoreductase : alpha-crystallin, a molecular chaperone, assists its reactivationBiochem. Journal., 359: 547-5562001
Enzymatic, clinical and histologic evaluation of corneal tissues in experimental fungal keratitis in rabbitsExperimental Eye Research., 72: 433-4422001
Interaction of human recombinant alphaA- and alphaB-crystallins with early and late unfolding intermediates of citrate synthase on its thermal denaturationFEBS Letters., 497: 118-1232001
Redox-regulated chaperone function and conformational changes of Escherichia coli hsp33.FEBS Letters., 489: 19-242001
Domain swapping in human alphaA and alphaB crystallins affects oligomerization and enhances chaperone-like activityJournal of Molecular Biology., 275: 22009-220132000
Carotenoids of an antarctic psychrotolerant bacterium, Sphingobacterium antarcticus, and a mesophilic bacterium, Sphingobacterium multivorumArchives of Microbiology., 173: 418-4242000
Inability of chaperones to fold mutant zeta crystallin, an aggregation-prone eye lens proteinMolecular Vision., 275: 22009-220132000
Preparation, characterization, esr and pas studies of Cu0.5 NbAlP3O12 and HNbAl P3O12Materials Letters., 45: 58-622000
Packing-induced conformational and functional changes in the subunits of alpha-crystallin.Journal of Molecular Biology., 275: 41004-410102000
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