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Aggregation properties of a short peptide that mediates amyloid fibril formation in model proteins unrelated to disease.J Biosci In Press2011
Self-assembly of short amyloidogenic peptides at the air-water interface.J Colloid Interface Sci 360, 139-1472011
Impact on the replacement of Phe by Trp in a short fragment of Abeta amyloid peptide on the formation of fibrils.J Pept Sci 17, 115-1232011
Determinants of membrane association in the SH4 domain of Fyn: Roles of N-terminus myristoylation and side-chain thioacylation.Biochim Biophys Acta. 1798,1854-18632010
Characterization of Chemical Modification of Tryptophan by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/ Ionization Mass Spectrometry.Protein & Peptide Lett 17, 168-1712010
A Molecular Dynamics Study of Human Defensins HBD-1 and HNP-3 in Water.J Biomolstr Dynam 27, 541-5502010
Interaction of 18-residue peptides derived from amphipathic helical segments of globular proteins with model membranes.J Biosci 34, 239-502009
Morphology of self-assembled structures formed by short peptides from the amyloidogenic protein tau depends on the solvent in which the peptides are dissolved.J Pept Sci 15, 675-6842009
Hen lysozyme amyloid fibrils induce aggregation of erythrocytes and lipid vesicles.Mol Cell Biochem 328,209-215.2009
Peptides: Isolation, production, and use in India.Biotechnol J.4, 329-334.2009
Antifungal activities of human beta- defensins HBD-1 to HBD-3 and their C-terminal analogs Phd1 to Phd3.Antimicrob Agents Chemother53,256-260.2009
Organic solvent mediated self- association of an amyloid forming peptide from beta(2)-microglobulin: An atomic force microscopy study.Biopolymers 90, 783-791.2008
Synthesis, conformational analysis and biological studies of cyclic cationic antimicrobial peptides containing sugar amino acids.J Org Chem 73, 8731-442008
Interaction of antibacterial peptides spanning the carboxy-terminal region of human beta-defensins 1-3 with phospholipids at the air-water interface and inner membrane of E. coli.Peptides 29, 7-142008
Design, synthesis, conformational and membrane ion transport studies of proline-adamantane hybrid cyclic depsipeptides.Biopolymers 89, 471-4782008
Detecting the Site of Phosphorylation in Phosphopeptides Without Loss ofPhosphate Group Using MALDI TOFMass Spectrometry.Analytical Chemistry Insights 3, 21-29.2008
Diphenic Acid as a General Conformational Lock in the Design of Bihelical StructuresChemistry, 13(15): 4253-42632007
Interaction of synthetic peptides corresponding to the scaffolding domain of Caveolin-3 with model membranesBiopolymers, 84(6): 615-6242006
Antibacterial activity of linear peptides spanning the carboxy-terminal beta-sheet domain of arthropod defensinsPeptides, 27(11): 2614-26232006
Antibacterial activities of synthetic peptides corresponding to the carboxy-terminal region of human beta-defensins 1-3Peptides, 27(11): 2607-26132006
Antibacterial activity of human neutrophil defensin HNP-1 analogs without cysteinesAntimicrob Agents Chemother., 49(11): 4561-62005
Detection of peptides covalently modified with multiple fatty acids by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometryJ Pept Res., 66(2): 94-1002005
Interaction of a pseudosubstrate peptide of protein kinase C and its myristoylated form with lipid vesicles: only the myristoylated form translocates into the lipid bilayerBiochim Biophys Acta., 1713(2): 73-822005
Conformation of gramicidin a in water: inference from analysis of hydrogen/deuterium exchange behavior by matrix assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometryBiopolymers., 80(5): 708-132005
Amphipathic alpha-helices in proteins: results from analysis of protein structuresProteins., 59(4): 791-8012005
Conformation and activity of delta-lysin and its analogsPeptides., 26(2): 217-252005
Bacterial lipid modification of proteins for novel protein engineering applicationsProtein Eng Des Sel., 17(10): 721-92004
Indolicidin, a 13-residue basic antimicrobial peptide rich in tryptophan and proline, interacts with Ca(2+)-calmodulinBiochem Biophys Res Commun., 309(4): 879-842003
Single disulfide and linear analogues corresponding to the carboxy-terminal segment of bovine beta-defensin-2: effects of introducing the beta-hairpin nucleating sequence d-pro-gly on antibacterial acBiochemistry., 42(31): 9307-152003
Cyclic homooligomers of furanoid sugar amino acidsJ Org Chem., 68(16): 6257-632003
Induction of autophagic cell death in Leishmania donovani by antimicrobial peptidesMol Biochem Parasitol., 127(1): 23-352003
Palmitoylated peptides from the cysteine-rich domain of SNAP-23 cause membrane fusion depending on peptide length, position of cysteines, and extent of palmitoylationJ Biol Chem., 278(15): 12737-442003
Effects of deleting a tripeptide sequence observed in muscular dystrophy patients on the conformation of synthetic peptides corresponding to the scaffolding domain of caveolin-3Biochem Biophys Res Commun., 298(2): 203-62002
A synthetic strategy for ON-resin amino acid specific multiple fatty acid acylation of peptidesProtein Pept Lett ., 9(5): 411-72002
Subcellular localization and physiological consequences of introducing a mitochondrial matrix targeting signal sequence in bax and its mutantsExp Cell Res., 278(2): 198-2082002
Structure-function relationship studies on the frog skin antimicrobial peptide tigerinin 1: design of analogs with improved activity and their action on clinical bacterial isolatesAntimicrob Agents Chemother., 46(7): 2279-832002
The therapeutic potential of host-defense antimicrobial peptidesCurr Drug Targets., 3(3): 259-672002
Antibacterial activities and conformations of synthetic alpha-defensin HNP-1 and analogs with one, two and three disulfide bridgesJ Pept Res., 59(3): 95-1042002
Host-defense antimicrobial peptides: importance of structure for activityCurr Pharm Des., 8(9): 727-422002
NMR study of cyclic peptides with renin inhibitor activityJ Biochem Biophys Methods., 51(1): 27-452002
Antibacterial activities and conformations of bovine beta-defensin BNBD-12 and analogs:structural and disulfide bridge requirements for activityPeptides., 23(3): 413-82002
Structure-function studies on the amphibian peptide brevinin 1E: translocating the cationic segment from the C-terminal end to a central position favors selective antibacterial activityJ Pept Res., 58(5): 433-412001
Immunobiology of a synthetic luteinizing hormone receptor peptide 21-41J Androl., 22(6): 992-82001
Effects of salt and denaturant on structure of the amino terminal alpha-helical segment of an antibacterial peptide dermaseptin and its binding to model membranesIndian J Biochem Biophys., 38(3): 142-82001
Biological activities of retro and diastereo analogs of a 13-residue peptide with antimicrobial and hemolytic activitiesJ Pept Res., 57(1): 59-672001
Synthesis and conformational studies of peptidomimetics containing furanoid sugar amino acids and a sugar diacidJ Org Chem., 5(22): 77102000
Tigerinins: novel antimicrobial peptides from the Indian frog Rana tigerinaJ Biol Chem., 276(4): 2701-72000
Solid-phase synthesis of a modified 13-residue seminalplasmin fragment on 1,6-hexanediol diacrylate-crosslinked polystyrene supportPeptides., 21(6): 773-72000
Antibacterial and hemolytic activities of single tryptophan analogs of indolicidinBiochem Biophys Res Commun., 274(3): 714-62000
Double-helical cyclic peptides: design, synthesis, and crystal structure of figure-eight mirror-image conformers of adamantane-constrained cystine-containing cyclic peptide cyclo (Adm-Cyst)(3)J Org Chem., 65(14: 4415-222000
Norbornene-constrained cyclic peptides with hairpin architecture: design, synthesis, conformation, and membrane ion transportJ Org Chem., 65(2): 365-742000
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