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Lamins, laminopathies and disease mechanisms: Possible role for proteasomal degradation of key regulatory proteinsJ. Biosci., 36:471-4792011
Lamin A rod mutants target heterochromatin protein 1a and b for proteasomal degradation by activation of F-box protein, FBXW10PLoS ONE, 5:e106202010
Lamin C and chromatin organization in DrosophilaJ. Genetics, 89:37-492010
Differential dynamics and stability of lamin A rod domain mutantsInt. J. Integrative Biol., 5:1-82009
Lamin A Ser404 Is a Nuclear Target of Akt Phosphorylation in C2C12 CellsJ. Proteome Res., 7:4727-47352008
Delay-induced transient increase and heterogeneity in gene expression in negatively auto-regulated gene circuitsPloS ONE, 3:e29722008
Differential dynamics of splicing factor SC35 during the cell cycleJ. Biosci., 33:345-3542008
Role of nuclear lamins in nuclear organization, cellular signaling and inherited diseasesInt. Rev. Cell Mol. Biol., 266:157-2062008
A pathogenic mechanism leading to partial lipodystrophy and prospects for pharmacological treatment of insulin resistance syndromeActa Biomed.., 78:207-2152007
Identification of cyclin D3 as a new interaction partner of lamin A/CBiochem. Biophys. Res. Comm., 355:981-9852007
Laminopathies: multiple disorders arising from defects in nuclear architectureJ. Biosci., 31:405-4212006
An essential GT motif in the lamin A promoter mediates activation by CREB-binding proteinBiochem. Biophys. Res. Comm., 348:1132-11372006
Expression of disease-causing lamin A mutants impairs the formation of DNA repair fociJ. Cell Sci., 119:2704-27142006
Rescue of heterochromatin organization in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria by drug treatmentCell. Mol. Life Sci., 62:2669-26782005
Altered pre-lamin A processing is a common mechanism leading to lipodystrophyHum. Mol. Genet., 14:1489-15022005
Sequestration of pRb by cyclin D3 causes intranuclear reorganization of lamin A/C during muscle cell differentiationMol. Biol. Cell., 16:1948-19602005
Heat-stress induced alterations in localization of small heat shock proteins in mouse myoblasts: intranuclear lamin A/C speckles as target for ?B-crystallin and hsp 25Exp. Cell Res., 299:393-4032004
Cell-type specific interactions at regulatory motifs in the first intron of the lamin A geneFEBS Lett., 568:122-1282004
Immunolocalization of detergent-susceptible nucleoplasmic lamin A/C foci by a novel monoclonal antibodyJ. Cell. Biochem., 91: 730-7392004
Failure of lamin A/C to functionally assemble in R482L mutated familial partial lipodystrophy fibroblasts: Altered intermolecular interaction with emerin and implications for gene transcriptionExp. Cell Res.., 291:122-1342003
Lamin A/C speckles mediate spatial organization of splicing factor compartments and RNA polymerase II transcriptionJ. Cell Biol., 159:783-7932002
Distinct changes in intranuclear lamin A organization during myoblast differentiationJ. Cell Sci., 114:4001-40112001
Sp3 and AP-1 mediate transcriptional activation of the lamin A proximal promoterEur. J. Biochem., 268:3736-37432001
Novel Sp family-like transcription factors are present in adult insect cells and are involved in transcription from the polyhedrin gene initiator promoterJ Biol. Chem., 276:23440-234492001
Early localization of NPA58, a rat nuclear pore-associated protein, to the reforming nuclear envelope during mitosisJ Biosci., 26:47-552001
Phosphorylation of NPA58, a rat nuclear pore-associated protein, correlates with its mitotic distributionExp. Cell. Res., 261:199-2082000
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