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Name : Sadanand D Sontakke

Room : LaCONES

Telephone : 040-24006421

Fax : 040-24006441

E-mail :

Research Interests

My areas of research interest are wildlife anaesthesia, sperm cryopreservation, sperm biology and the development of reproductive biotechnologies especially artificial insemination for the conservation and planned breeding of endangered species (Indian big cats, ungulates and birds). Presently, I am working on Indian Leopard (Panthera pardus) and the Blackbuck antelope (Antilope cervicapra) as the representatives for highly endangered wild felids and ungulates.

Selected Publications

  • Sontakke SD (2018) Monitoring and controlling ovarian activities in wild ungulates (Invited Review) Theriogenology 109:31-41.

  • Bushra T. M*, Sontakke SD*, Ioannidis J, Duncan WC and Donadeu FX (2017).The adequate corpus luteum: miR-96 promotes luteal cell survival and progesterone production. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 102(7): 2188-2198.* Equal contribution

  • Sontakke SD, Bushra M, McNeilly AS and Donadeu FX.(2014) Characterization of microRNAs differentially expressed during bovine follicle development. Reproduction 148: 271-283.

  • Sontakke SD, Umapathy G, Patil MS, Rao R. and Shivaji S.(2009) Ejaculate characteristics, short-term semen storage and successfulartificial insemination following synchronization of oestrus in the Indian blackbuck antelope (Antilope cervicapra). Reproduction, Fertility and Development 21: 749-756.

  • Sontakke SD, Umapathy G and Shivaji S.(2009) Yohimbine antagonizes the anesthetic effects of ketamine-xylazine in captive Indian wild felids (lions, tigers and leopards). Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia 36: 34-41

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