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Name : K Thangaraj

Room : E512

Telephone : 040-27182828

Fax : 040-27160591

E-mail :

Research Interests

The major research interest of our group includes: origin of modern human; genetic basis of - male infertility, cardiovascular disease, sex determination, mitochondrial disorders, ayur genomics; and forensic genetics. Our finding about the origin of Andamanese is a major breakthrough in the field of origin of modern human (Current Biology, 2003; Science, 2005, Nature, 2009). Our recent finding suggests that about 60 million people in South Asia, approximately 1% of the world populations, are at risk for sudden cardiac arrest (Nat. Genet. 2009). We have mapped a region on the X-chromosome responsible for male sex determination (J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metabol, 2006). Our extensive study on male infertility has provided the genetic basis of male infertility in Indian populations. Our group, for the first in India, established the association of mitochondrial DNA variations with several disorders (J. Androl, 2003; Am.J. Med. Genet, 2006; Mitochondrion, 2010).

Selected Publications

  • Reich D*, Thangaraj K*, Patterson N*, Price AL*, Singh L (2009) Reconstructing Indian Population History. Nature. 461:489-494. (*equal contribution)

  • Dhndapany PS, Sadayappan S, Xue Y, Powell GT, Rani DS, Nallari P, Rai TS, Khullar M, Soares P, Bahl A, Tharkan JM, Vaideeswar P, Rathinavel A, Narasimhan C, Ayapati DR, Ayub Q, Mehdi SQ, Oppenheimer S, Richards M, Price A, Patterson N, Reich D, Singh L, Tyler-Smith C, Thangaraj K (2009) A common Cardiac Myosin Binding Protein C variant associated with cardiomyopathies in South Asia. Nat. Genet. 41:187-191.

  • Thangaraj K, Chaubey G, Kivisild T, Reddy AG, Singh VK, Rasalkar AA, Singh L (2005) Reconstructing the origin of the Andaman Islanders. Science 308:996.

  • Thangaraj K, Singh L, Reddy AG, Rao VR, Sehgal SC, Underhill PA, Pierson M, Frame IG, Hagelberg E (2003) Genetic affinities of the Andaman Islanders, a vanishing human population. Curr. Biol. 13:86-93.

  • Thangaraj K, Gupta NJ, Chakravarty B, Singh L (1998) A 47,XXY female. Lancet 352:1121.

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