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Name : M V Jaganadham

Room : W307

Telephone : 040-27160222

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Research Interests

Membrane vesicles are found in the medium from Gram –ve bacterium during growth. These proteo-lipids are called outer membrane vesicles (OMV). The functions of these vesicles are not very clear. However, some studies revealed that the vesicles perform several biological functions, such as DNA transfer, and protein delivery to eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells. Characterization of these vesicles may facilitate the design of protein, DNA or other drug carriers. Currently studies in our laboratory are in progress for analyzing the presence and function of OMV produced from the non pathogenic psychotropic Antarctic bacterium Pseudomonas syringae. Since these vesicles are reported to possess a role in transport of various molecules among cells, it is possible that the information on their structure and analysis of their components will enable to design molecular transporters.

Selected Publications

  • Jagannadham M V and Nagaraj R (2008) Detecting the site of phosphorylation in phosphopeptides without loss of phosphate group using MALDI TOF mass spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry Insights. 3:21-29.

  • Jagannadham M V (2008) Identification of proteins from membrane preparations by a combination of MALDI TOF-TOF and LC coupled Linear Ion trap MS analysis of an Antarctic bacterium Pseudomonas syringae Lz4W, a strain with unsequenced genome. Electrophoresis. 29:4341-4350.

  • Mishra, M N; Nagarajan, T; Sharma, I M; Jagannadham M V and Tripathi, A K. (2008) Mutation in a gene encoding anti-sigma factor in A. brasilense confers tolerance to elevated temperature, anti-bacterial peptide and PEG-200 via carotenoid synthesis. FEMS Micro. Biol Lett. 287:221-229.

  • Yadav, S.C; Jagannadham, M.V; Kundu,S and Jagannadham M.V. (2009) Akinetically stable plant subtilase with unique peptide mass fingerprints and dimerization properties. Bio Phys Chem.139:13-23.

  • C. Sivakama Sundari, K. Chakraborty, R. Nagaraj and Jagannadham, M. V.(2010) Characterization of the chemical modification of tryptophan by matrix- assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry. Protein. Pep. Lett. 17:168- 171.

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