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Immovable Property Returns of Officers - (TECHNICAL)

(as on 31st December 2015)

1.  A Bala Murugan, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
2.  A Harikrishna, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
3.  A Padmavathi, Sr. Technical Officer(2)
4.  A Sreenivas, Technical Officer
5.  A Srinivasan, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
6.  A Syam Kumar, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
7.  A Vara Prasada Rao, Asst. Executive Engr. (Elect.)
8.  Amit Kumar, Technical Assistant
9.  Anil Kumar Sahu, Principal Technical Officer
10.  Anubhav Bhardwaj, Technical Officer
11.  B Jyothi Lakshmi, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
12.  B Lora Narayana, Principal Technical Officer
13.  B Suman, Technical Assistant
14.  B V V Pardhasaradhi, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
15.  B Venkatanarayana, Sr. Technical Officer(2)
16.  B Vijayakumar, Asst. Exec. Engr. (AC & Ref.)
17.  B. Raman, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
18.  Bh Muralikrishna, Principal Technical Officer
19.  C Subbalakshmi, Principal Technical Officer
20.  C.Sivakama Sundari, Principal Technical Officer
21.  Ch V B Swamy, Principal Technical Officer
22.  Ch Varalakshmi, Principal Technical Officer
23.  Ch. Bikshmaiah, Superintending Engineer
24.  D Lavanya, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
25.  D Partha Sarathi, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
26.  Dattatrya N Gurukhel, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
27.  Devender Sundi, Technical Officer
28.  Devidas M Nikhar, Asstt. Engineer
29.  G C Thanu, Sr. Suptd. Engineer
30.  G Mala, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
31.  G Rajendra Prasad, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
32.  G S N Reddy, Sr. Technical Officer (3)
33.  G Sujatha, Medical Officer
34.  I Asha Ramesh, Principal Tecnical Officer
35.  J D Fernandes, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
36.  J Pitchaya Sastry, Sr. Technical Officer (3)
37.  J Venu, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
38.  Jagamohan Chhatai , Technical Assistant
39.  Jedy Jose, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
40.  K Radha Mani, Principal Technical Officer
41.  K Rama Chary, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
42.  K Ramachandra Rao, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
43.  K Ravinder, Principal Technical Officer
44.  K S Varadarajan, Technical Officer
45.  K Sambasiva Rao, Sr. Technical Officer(2)
46.  K Sanjeev Kumar, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
47.  Kishore Joshi, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
48.  M B Madhavi, Technical Officer
49.  M K Kanakavalli, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
50.  M L Arvinda Swamy, Technical Officer
51.  M Sanjeev Chavan Nayak, Technical Officer
52.  M V Subba Rao, Jr. Steno
53.  Md. Jafurulla, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
54.  N R Chakravarthi, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
55.  N Siva Rama Prasad, Sr. Technical Officer(2)
56.  Naveen Kumar B V N, Technical Officer
57.  P Gopala Krishna, Principal Technical Officer
58.  P Nagalinga Chary, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
59.  P Ramesh, Principal Technical Officer
60.  P Sambhavi, Technical Officer
61.  P Vanaja, Principal Technical Officer
62.  R Phanindranath, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
63.  R Rukmini, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
64.  Rajya Lakshmi K, Technical Assistant
65.  S Madhuri, Staff Officer
66.  S Mahalingam, Sr. Technical Officer(2)
67.  S Purnima Sailasree, Technical Officer
68.  Sanjay Kumar Suman, Technical Assistant
69.  Seema Bhaskar, Principal Technical Officer
70.  Sheelwantayya, Asstt. Exec. Engineer
71.  Sudatt T Tambe, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
72.  T Avinash Raj (HF), Technical Officer
73.  U S T R B Bapi Raju, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
74.  V Bharathi, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
75.  V Krishna kumari, Principal Technical Officer
76.  V R Sundereswaran, Sr. Technical Officer (3)
77.  V Subbaiah, Principal Technical Officer
78.  V V Hanumaprasad, Principal Technical Officer
79.  Vikram Kumar, Technical Officer
80.  Vinod Kumar, Technical Officer
81.  Y Rama Dasu, Principal Technical Officer
82.  Y V Rama Rao, Sr.Suptd. Engineer
83.  Y V Subba Lakshmi(Canteen), Sr. Technical Officer(1)
84.  Zareena Begum, Sr. Technical Officer (3)
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