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Immovable Property Returns of Officers - (TECHNICAL)

(as on 31st December 2016)

1.  A Bala Murugan, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
2.  A Harikrishna, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
3.  A Mahesh, Technical Assistant
4.  A Padmavathi, Sr. Technical Officer(2)
5.  A Rajasekaran, Principal Technical Officer
6.  A Sharada Devi, Principal Tech Officer
7.  A Sreenivas, Technical Officer
8.  A Srinivasan, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
9.  A Syam Kumar, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
10.  A Vara Prasada Rao, Asst. Executive Engr. (Elect.)
11.  Amit Kumar, Technical Assistant
12.  Anil Kumar Sahu, Principal Technical Officer
13.  Anubhav Bhardwaj, Technical Officer
14.  Arpita Maji, Technical Assistant
15.  Asha Kumari A, Technical Asstant
16.  Ashok Baswa, Exec. Engineer
17.  B Jyothi Lakshmi, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
18.  B Kranthi, Technical Assistant
19.  B Lora Narayana, Principal Technical Officer
20.  B Suman, Technical Assistant
21.  B V Ramakrishna, Sr. Technical Officer(2)
22.  B V V Pardhasaradhi, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
23.  B Venkatanarayana, Sr. Technical Officer(2)
24.  B Vijayakumar, Asst. Exec. Engr. (AC & Ref.)
25.  B. Raman, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
26.  Bh Muralikrishna, Principal Technical Officer
27.  C Subbalakshmi, Principal Technical Officer
28.  C.Sivakama Sundari, Principal Technical Officer
29.  Ch V B Swamy, Principal Technical Officer
30.  Ch. Bikshmaiah, Superintending Engineer
31.  Chetan Khapekar, Technical Assistant
32.  D Balaji Prasad, Sr. Technician(2)
33.  D Lavanya, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
34.  D Partha Sarathi, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
35.  Dattatrya N Gurukhel, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
36.  Devender Sundi, Technical Officer
37.  Devidas M Nikhar, Asstt. Engineer
38.  G C Thanu, Sr. Suptd. Engineer
39.  G Mala, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
40.  G Rajendra Prasad, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
41.  G S N Reddy, Sr. Technical Officer (3)
42.  G Srinivas, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
43.  G Sujatha, Medical Officer
44.  I Asha Ramesh, Principal Tecnical Officer
45.  J D Fernandes, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
46.  J Pitchaya Sastry, Sr. Technical Officer (3)
47.  J Venu, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
48.  Jagamohan Chhatai , Technical Assistant
49.  Jedy Jose, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
50.  K Gopichand, Sr. Technician(2)
51.  K Mallesham, Technical Assistant
52.  K Mohan, Sr. Technician(2)
53.  K Nagendrababu, Asst. Exec. Engr. (AC & Ref.)
54.  K R Paithankar, Principal Tech. Officer
55.  K Radha Mani, Principal Technical Officer
56.  K Rama Chary, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
57.  K Ramachandra Rao, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
58.  K Ravinder, Principal Technical Officer
59.  K S Varadarajan, Technical Officer
60.  K Sambasiva Rao, Sr. Technical Officer(2)
61.  K Sanjeev Kumar, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
62.  K Sekhar Babu, Sr. Technician(2)
63.  Kishore Joshi, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
64.  M B Madhavi, Technical Officer
65.  M K Kanakavalli, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
66.  M L Arvinda Swamy, Technical Officer
67.  M Sanjeev Chavan Nayak, Technical Officer
68.  M Venkatesan, Sr. Technician(2)
69.  Mahesh Prasad, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
70.  Md. Jafurulla, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
71.  Mohan Singh M, Technical Assistant
72.  N R Chakravarthi, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
73.  N Rajan, Sr. Technician(2)
74.  N Sai Ram, Technical Assistant
75.  N Siva Rama Prasad, Sr. Technical Officer(2)
76.  Naveen Kumar B V N, Technical Officer
77.  P Nagalinga Chary, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
78.  P Radhakrishna Murthy, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
79.  P Ramesh, Principal Technical Officer
80.  P Vanaja, Principal Technical Officer
81.  Purushotham V, Technical Assistant
82.  R Leela Kumari, Sr. Technical Officer (3)
83.  R Nagabhushanam, Sr. Technician(2)
84.  R Phanindranath, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
85.  R Rukmini, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
86.  Raju Madanala, Sr. Technical Officer
87.  Rajya Lakshmi K, Technical Officer
88.  S Deepa Selvi Rani, Sr. Technical Officer(2)
89.  S Easra, Sr. Technician(2)
90.  S Harika, Technical Assistant
91.  S Madhuri, Staff Officer
92.  S Mahalingam, Sr. Technical Officer(2)
93.  S Purnima Sailasree, Technical Officer
94.  S Thanumalayan, Sr. Technical Officer
95.  Sandeep Shrivastava, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
96.  Sanjay Kumar Suman, Technical Assistant
97.  Seema Bhaskar, Principal Technical Officer
98.  Sudatt T Tambe, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
99.  T Avinash Raj (HF), Technical Officer
100.  T Nagalakshmi, Technical Officer
101.  U S T R B Bapi Raju, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
102.  U V Sitaramamma, Sr. Technician(2)
103.  V Anuradha, Sr. Technician(2)
104.  V Krishna kumari, Principal Technical Officer
105.  V R Sundereswaran, Sr. Technical Officer (3)
106.  V Srinivas, Principal Technical Officer
107.  V Subbaiah, Principal Technical Officer
108.  V V Hanumaprasad, Principal Technical Officer
109.  V V Padmalatha, Sr. Technical Officer(1)
110.  Vikram Kumar, Technical Officer
111.  Vinod Kumar, Technical Officer
112.  Y Kameshwari, Sr. Technical Officer(3)
113.  Y Rama Dasu, Principal Technical Officer
114.  Y V Rama Rao, Sr.Suptd. Engineer
115.  Y V Subba Lakshmi(Canteen), Sr. Technical Officer(1)
116.  Zareena Begum, Sr. Technical Officer (3)
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