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Training Courses in Animal Cell Culture at CCMB

1)Short term course: 10/batch, 4-6 batches/yr

Duration: 5days Fee: Rs.18, 000/-(including accommodation)
Eligibility: Interested students/faculty/Researchers from Universities/Institutes/Industry
Lectures on:
  • Importance of Cell/Tissue culture and applications
  • Design & equipment description
  • Importance of sterility
  • Do’s & don’ts in Tissue culture lab
  • Maintenance of cultures (different types)
  • Types of cultures(adherent and suspension, primary cells, etc)
  • Transfection and electroporation
  • Cell fusion techniques
  • Determination of cell growth and viability
  • Demonstration of protein expression by transfection and immunofluorescence
  • Mycoplasma testing
  • Primary cells (macrophages)
  • MTT Assay
  • Use of hypoxia chamber/IR light
  • Preparation of media
  • Sub culturing of cells, cryopreservation and revival
  • Cell count and viability (trypan blue)
  • Determination of confluency

2) Demonstration for students: 10/batch

Duration: Half day Fee: Rs. 500/- head
Dates will be announced as and when requests are received
Eligibility: Interested students.
Demo/lecture session:
  • Importance of Tissue culture
  • Design & equipment description
  • Importance of sterility
  • Maintenance of cultures (different cell types)
  • Do's & don'ts in Tissue culture lab
  • Applications of Cells/Tissue culture
  • Freezing and revival of cell stocks
  • Counting cell number
Interested candidates may contact: Shri B.V.V. Pardhasaradhi -,
The course will be conducted in batches, based on applications received.
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