MSc Dissertation Programme in Wildlife Conservation:
LaCONES conducts MSc Dissertation programme in the area of wildlife conservation for six months for final year Masters Degree students. Applications would be received through a call in October each year and 10-14 students will be selected, assigned topics and supervisors for their dissertation projects.

PhD programme in Wildlife Conservation:
LaCONES offers research opportunites in conservation biology for PhD students who qualify through CCMB PhD entrance exam and interviews. For details click here

Campus biodiversity register:
LaCONES campus has been carefully developed retaining several natural areas. The building itself has been designed in order to accommodate natural features such as rocks and trees. Therefrore, the campus has wildlife and a biodiversity register is being maintained to keep a record of these “inmates” and also motivate the students to observe and look out for them. This register is being updated regularly and has useful information of the campus biodiversity. For details click here