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Name : Ch. Mohan Rao

Room :W205
Phone: 91-40-2719 2543; 91-40- 2719 2529
FAX: 91-40-2716 0591
Email: mohan@ccmb.res.in

Director`s Office:
Phone: 91-40-2716 0789; 91-40-2719 2534
FAX: 91-40-2716 0252
Email: director@ccmb.res.in

Research Interests

Dr. Ch. Mohan Rao combines biophysical, molecular biological and cell biological approaches to address problems of biomedical importance. His research interests include protein folding, molecular chaperones and heat shock proteins, molecular basis for lens transparency, cataract and keratitis; DNA based diagnostics, Nanobiology, Photoacoustic spectroscopy and its application to biomedical problems. His recent research addresses role of small heat shock proteins in gene expression, cell division, differentiation and apoptosis.

Selected Publications

  • Ch. Mohan Rao and Balasubramanian, D. Study of a solid state reaction by photoacoustic spectroscopy. J. Physical Chemistry, 86, 939-943, 1982.

  • Balasubramanian, D., Ch. Mohan Rao, and Panijpan, B.: The malaria parasite monitored by photoacoustic spectroscopy. Science, 223, 828-830, 1984.

  • B.Raman and Ch. Mohan Rao: Chaperone like activity and quaternary structure of alpha-crystallin J.Biol. Chem., 269, 27264-27268, 1994.

  • Singh BN, Rao KS, Ramakrishna T, Rangaraj N, Ch. Mohan Rao, Association of alphaB-Crystallin, a Small Heat Shock Protein, with Actin: Role in Modulating Actin Filament Dynamics in vivo. J. Mol. Biol., 366, 756-767, 2007.

  • Aftab Taiyab, AS Sreedhar and Ch. Mohan Rao: Hsp90 inhibitors, GA and 17 AAG, lead to ER-Stress induced apoptosis in rat histiocytoma. Biochemical Pharmacology, 78, 142-152, 2009

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