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Name : Gopal Pande

Room : S305

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Research Interests

Dr. Pande’s lab is studying the regulation of interaction of integrins with the cell matrix molecules and development of new biomaterials for applications in the field of ortho biologicals. Dr. Pande obtained his Ph.D. from Cancer Research Institute, Mumbai in 1981 and had earlier education at Delhi University. More recently, Dr. Pande’s lab has become interested in the in vitro differentiation and expansion of hematopoeitic stem cells in the bone marrow and their differentiation into hepatocytes. Dr. Pande is also involved in setting up a clinical research facility at CCMB.

Selected Publications

  • Ramprasad, O.G., Srinivas, G., Sridhar Rao, K., Joshi P., Thiery, J.P., Dufour, S., and Pande, G. (2007) Changes in cholesterol levels in the plasma membrane modulate cell signaling and regulate cell adhesion and migration on fibronectin. Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton, 64: 199-216.

  • Ramprasad, O.G., Rangaraj, N. Srinivas G, Thiery, J.P., Dufour, S. and Pande, G. (2008) Differential regulation of the lateral mobility of plasma membrane phospholipids by the extracellular matrix and cholesterol. J. Cellular Physiology 215: 550-561.

  • Chakraborty, J., Mazaj, M., Kapoor, R., Goury, S.P., Daneu, N., Sinha, M.K., Pande, G.* and Basu, D. (2009) Bone-like growth of hydroxyapatite in the biomimetic coating of Ti-6A1-4V alloy pretreated with protein at 25oC. J. Materials Research 24: 2145-2153. (*co-corresponding author).

  • Kapoor R, Goury S.P., Mahesh Kumar J, Avinash Raj T., Srinivas G, Sinha MK, Chakraborty J., Basu D. and Pande G. (2010) Comparative assessment of structural and biological properties of biomimetically coated hydroxyapatite on alumina (Al2O3) and titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) alloy substrates J. Biomedical Materials Research Part A (In Press).

  • Aleem A. Khan, Mahaboob V Shaik, Parveen N, Rajendraprasad A, Mohammed A Aleem, Aejaz Habeeb M, Srinivas G, Avinash Raj T, Santosh K Tiwari, Kumaresan K, Venkateswarlu J, Pande G.*, Habibullah CM Human fetal liver derived stem cell transplantation as supportive modality in the management of end stage decompensated liver cirrhosis. (2010) Cell Transplantation (In Press)

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