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Proteomics  This start-of-the-art and futuristic laboratory of CCMB was developed to get a better understanding of diseases. Several research institutes and cancer center in the country are involved in this collaborative venture of national importance.

CCMB is applying the proteomics approach for cancer research. Proteomics is essentially a multifunctional analysis of all proteins in a cell or tissue, and it also involves identifying unique protein(s) involved in the disease. This multi-crore facility, the first of its kind in the country, will enable researchers to find the emergence of new protein patterns, new genes and target, and above all find leads for management of the disease.

The facility is equipped with highly advanced equipments and tools that include 1- and 2-dimentional electrophoresis systems with blotting, transfer, and destaining apparatus, along with data processors and PD Quest 2-D software, a robotic liquid handling system for protein digestion, MALDI-TOF Voyager model DE STR, the QSTAR PULSAR Quadrapole Time of fight Mass Spectrometer system and the High Sensitivity Sequencing System.