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NMR Micro Imaging This state-of-the-art 600 MHz (14 Tesla) Microimaging Facility is equipped with two gradients (mini 45 G/cm; micro 150 G/cm) and many resonators for non-invasive investigations with rats and mice. It facilitates to acquire high resolution (100 mm) images and spectra from live animals (mice & rats) in short duration. One of the main thrust of the laboratory is to understand brain function and energy metabolism in various cerebral disorders such as Alzheimerís, Parkinsonís, depression, addiction, etc. to find out biomarkers for the diagnosis of disease and targets for the drug development. Studies are carried out in chemical and genetic models of various human diseases in mouse. The facility is also being used to study liver diseases, development of organs in transgenic models at anatomical and molecular level, and to develop MRI contrast agents.