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Information Technology: 

The Information Technology (IT) Group has a team of dedicated individuals managing and maintaining the various services, infrastructure, software etc.,

The Web Mail (Mithi Connect Server) with multilingual and word features has been deployed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4.0 with AMD 64 bit architecture processor to enhance the processing speed with 12GB RAM. Redundant and fail over server environment with high-end storage device is provided.  There are over 900 mail users and any problems related to the mail services are handled well to support the research activities.
The high-speed Internet connectivity and network infrastructure is constantly monitored. Most of the troubleshooting and maintenance of the network are done in-house with state of the art infrastructure and devices. CCMB has a Local Area Network (LAN) connecting all buildings in the campus at 10 Gbps core backbone speed and switched 1 Gbps to desktops and has a very good security infrastructure for the LAN and WAN. Network monitoring software is installed to monitor the LAN for its performance and connectivity problems.

Around 600 PCs of all makes like HP, Dell, IBM, Mac, etc., are maintained by the staff of the IT Group without Annual maintenance Contracts. General maintenance, repairs, Installation of OS and other software, Antivirus, Updation of Patches, etc are taken care on regular basis. Maintenance and repairs of printers, scanners and other accessories are also carried out.

CCMB Website is deployed on a cluster suite environment for assuring fail over system and avoiding the downtime of the website. The web content related to the Research Activities, Facilities, Projects, Collaborations, Publications and Patents, News & events, Recruitments, Fellowships, Workshops, Training programs, Tenders & Staff details are updated on the website periodically as well as whenever the need arises.

Few members of the group are associated with Software development for in-house usage and implementation pertaining to various needs. Good number of software packages have been developed and implemented.
The staff of the group also conducts a training program for the new research students during August every year and also trains the other staff whenever need arises.