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One of the reasons for the success of CCMB is the strong instrumentation group which takes care of the installation, maintenance & repairs of instruments. For successfully carrying out the above tasks the group involves in various activities which includes initial discussions with the Scientists for procurement of instruments. Considerable planning for equipment requirements, funds, space and power requirements etc are discussed in detail with the scientists before procurement.

The group involves in the Unpacking, installation & testing of instruments.  Discrepancies, short supplies, specifications, features etc are thoroughly checked before the report is made. The groups also carries out meticulous planning and preparation of computerized layouts and drawings required for the various facilities so that they can be commissioned expeditiously.
The group is also involved in procurement and repairs of medical equipment needed for research work in CCMB & LaCONES and the dispensary facility.

All instruments are maintained and repaired without much downtime with the aid of service manuals and no instrument is given on maintenance contracts. A fully fledged test and measuring (TMI) facility has been set up to help in the repairs which has sophisticated TMI instruments like Oscilloscopes, power meters, multimeters, data generators, logic analysers, power line monitors etc.

Calibration with standards for accuracy and reproducibility plays an important part in the maintenance and repairs. This is meticulously carried out by the group and required Instruments and tools for calibrations are also procured Validation of facilities like clean rooms, Biosafety labs etc are carried out on a routine basis with the aid of special tools procured for the purpose.

In-house design, development, modification and fabrication of instrument parts and special efforts to restore instruments to working condition quickly have been part of the groupís activities and are carried out whenever needed.

The group also conducts detailed training programmes and authorizations on the usage of instruments with safety instructions and based on the needs also trains and authorizes other research staff throughout the year.

The group contributes to the various symposiums, seminars, workshops, open days training courses etc by providing help in the audio, video arrangements, email & WEB services, CCTV arrangements etc.

Inventory of essential spare parts are maintained to minimize instrument downtime. These spares are labelled and organized for easy retrieval. These parts are also interchanged between instruments which help in minimizing downtime and duplication of spares.

Documentation of the various activities of the group plays a major part in the process. Work orders, test reports, service reports, log books of instruments, correspondences etc are well categorized and organized.