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Potential of cross-species microsatellite markers to assess population genetics of the endemic, endangered Nilgiri tahr (Nilgiritragus hylocrius) EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF WILDLIFE RESEARCH Luis, A (Luis, Andrea); Davidar, P (Davidar, Priya); Reddy, PA (Reddy, P. Anuradha) 2017
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Par?4 dependent modulation of cellular ??catenin by medicinal plant natural product derivative 3?azido Withaferin A MOLECULAR CARCINOGENESIS Amin, H (Amin, Hina); Nayak, D (Nayak, Debasis); Rasool, RU (Rasool, Reyaz Ur); Chakraborty, S (Chakraborty, Souneek); Kumar, A (Kumar, Anmol); Yousuf, K (Yousuf, Khalid); Sharma, PR (Sharma, Parduman Raj); Ahmed, Z (Ahmed, Zabeer); Sharma, N (Sharma, Neelam); Magotra, A (Magotra, Asmita); Mukherjee, D (Mukherjee, Debaraj); Kumar, LD (Kumar, Lekha Dinesh); Goswami, A (Goswami, Anindya) 2016
1-Methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine induced Parkinson's disease in zebrafish PROTEOMICS Babu, NS (Babu, Nukala Sarath); Murthy, CLN (Murthy, Ch Lakshmi N.); Kakara, S (Kakara, Sameera); Sharma, R (Sharma, Rahul); Swamy, CVB (Swamy, Cherukuvada V. Brahmendra); Idris, MM (Idris, Mohammed M.) 2016
Elongation Factor Tu Prevents Misediting of Gly-tRNA(Gly) Caused by the Design Behind the Chiral Proofreading Site of D-Aminoacyl-tRNA Deacylase PLOS BIOLOGY 2016
Role of annexin gene and its regulation during zebrafish caudal fin regeneration WOUND REPAIR AND REGENERATION Saxena, S (Saxena, Sandeep); Purushothaman, S (Purushothaman, Sruthi); Meghah, V (Meghah, Vuppalapaty); Bhatti, B (Bhatti, Bhawna); Poruri, A (Poruri, Akhila); Lakshmi, MGM (Lakshmi, Mula G. Meena); Babu, NS (Babu, Nukala Sarath); Murthy, CLN (Murthy, Ch. Lakshmi Narasimha); Mandal, KK (Mandal, Komal K.); Kumar, A (Kumar, Arvind); Idris, MM (Idris, Mohammed M.) 2016
An Atypical System for Studying Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Hepatocellular Carcinoma SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Vedagiri, D (Vedagiri, Dhiviya); Lashkari, HV (Lashkari, Hiren Vasantrai); Mangani, AS (Mangani, Abubakar Siddiq); Kumar, JM (Kumar, Jerald Mahesh); Jose, J (Jose, Jedy); Thatipalli, AR (Thatipalli, Avinash Raj); Harshan, KH (Harshan, Krishnan Harinivas) 2016
Increased sensitivity of BRCA defective triple negative breast tumors to plumbagin through induction of DNA Double Strand Breaks (DSB) SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Nair, RS (Nair, Rakesh Sathish); Kumar, JM (Kumar, Jerald Mahesh); Jose, J (Jose, Jedy); Somasundaram, V (Somasundaram, Veena); Hemalatha, SK (Hemalatha, Sreelatha K.); Sengodan, SK (Sengodan, Satheesh Kumar); Nadhan, R (Nadhan, Revathy); Anilkumar, TV (Anilkumar, Thapasimuthu V.); Srinivas, P (Srinivas, Priya) 2016
A plasmid-based expression system to study protein-protein interactions at the Golgi in vivo ANALYTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY Bera, S (Bera, Sujoy); Raghuram, V (Raghuram, Vijeta); Mikhaylova, M (Mikhaylova, Marina); Kreutz, MR (Kreutz, Michael R.) 2016
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Benzo[b]furan derivatives induces apoptosis by targeting the PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway in human breast cancer cells BIOORGANIC CHEMISTRY Kamal, A (Kamal, Ahmed); Nayak, VL (Nayak, V. Lakshma); Nagesh, N (Nagesh, Narayana); Vishnuvardhan, MVPS (Vishnuvardhan, M. V. P. S.); Reddy, NVS (Reddy, N. V. Subba) 2016
No Association Between CEL-HYB Hybrid Allele and Chronic Pancreatitis in Asian Populations GASTROENTEROLOGY Zou, WB (Zou, Wen-Bin); Boulling, A (Boulling, Arnaud); Masamune, A (Masamune, Atsushi); Issarapu, P (Issarapu, Prachand); Masson, E (Masson, Emmanuelle); Wu, H (Wu, Hao); Sun, XT (Sun, Xiao-Tian); Hu, LH (Hu, Liang-Hao); Zhou, DZ (Zhou, Dai-Zhan); He, L (He, Lin); Fichou, Y (Fichou, Yann); Nakano, E (Nakano, Eriko); Hamada, S (Hamada, Shin); Kakuta, Y (Kakuta, Yoichi); Kume, K (Kume, Kiyoshi); Isayama, H (Isayama, Hiroyuki); Paliwal, S (Paliwal, Sumit); Mani, KR (Mani, K. Radha); Bhaskar, S (Bhaskar, Seema); Cooper, DN (Cooper, David N.); Ferec, C (Ferec, Claude); Shimosegawa, T (Shimosegawa, Tooru); Chandak, GR (Chandak, Giriraj R.); Chen, JM (Chen, Jian-Min); Li, ZS (Li, Zhao-Shen); Liao, Z (Liao, Zhuan) 2016
Microsomal membrane proteome of low grade diffuse astrocytomas: Differentially expressed proteins and candidate surveillance biomarkers SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Polisetty, RV (Polisetty, Ravindra Varma); Gautam, P (Gautam, Poonam); Gupta, MK (Gupta, Manoj Kumar); Sharma, R (Sharma, Rakesh); Gowda, H (Gowda, Harsha); Renu, D (Renu, Durairaj); Shivakumar, BM (Shivakumar, Bhadravathi Marigowda); Lakshmikantha, A (Lakshmikantha, Akhila); Mariswamappa, K (Mariswamappa, Kiran); Ankathi, P (Ankathi, Praveen); Purohit, AK (Purohit, Aniruddh K.); Uppin, MS (Uppin, Megha S.); Sundaram, C (Sundaram, Challa); Sirdeshmukh, R (Sirdeshmukh, Ravi) 2016
Interspecies nuclear transfer using fibroblasts from leopard, tiger, and lion ear piece collected postmortem as donor cells and rabbit oocytes as recipients IN VITRO CELLULAR & DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY-ANIMAL Yelisetti, UM (Yelisetti, Uma Mahesh); Komjeti, S (Komjeti, Suman); Katari, VC (Katari, Venu Charan); Sisinthy, S (Sisinthy, Shivaji); Brahmasani, SR (Brahmasani, Sambasiva Rao) 2016
A case study to optimise and validate the brine shrimp Artemia franciscana immobilisation assay with silver nanoparticles: The role of harmonization ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION Kos, M (Kos, Monika); Kahru, A (Kahru, Anne); Drobne, D (Drobne, Damjana); Singh, S (Singh, Shashi); Kalcikova, G (Kalcikova, Gabriela); Kuhnel, D (Kuehnel, Dana); Rohit, R (Rohit, Rekulapelly); Gotvajn, AZ (Gotvajn, Andreja Zgajnar); Jemec, A (Jemec, Anita) 2016
Fine Scale Habitat Selection in Travancore Tortoises (Indotestudo travancorica) in the Anamalai Hills, Western Ghats JOURNAL OF HERPETOLOGY Deepak, V (Deepak, V.); Noon, BR (Noon, Barry R.); Vasudevan, K (Vasudevan, Karthikeyan) 2016
Significance of mate selection and adult sex ratio in tiger reintroduction/reinforcement programs JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY Reddy, PA (Reddy, P. Anuradha); Ramesh, K (Ramesh, K.); Sarkar, MS (Sarkar, M. Shekhar); Srivastava, A (Srivastava, A.); Bhavanishankar, M (Bhavanishankar, M.); Shivaji, S (Shivaji, S.) 2016
Effect of local anesthetics on the organization and dynamics in membranes of varying phase: A fluorescence approach CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS OF LIPIDS Shrivastava, S (Shrivastava, Sandeep); Dutta, D (Dutta, Diya); Chattopadhyay, A (Chattopadhyay, Amitabha) 2016
Natural product based novel small molecules with promising neurotrophic, neurogenic and anti-neuroinflammatory actions can be developed as stroke therapeutics NEURAL REGENERATION RESEARCH Jhelum, P (Jhelum, Priya); Reddy, RG (Reddy, R. Gajendra); Kumar, A (Kumar, Arvind); Chakravarty, S (Chakravarty, Sumana) 2016
Japanese Encephalitis Virus exploits the microRNA-432 to regulate the expression of Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling (SOCS) 5 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Sharma, N (Sharma, Nikhil); Kumawat, KL (Kumawat, Kanhaiya L.); Rastogi, M (Rastogi, Meghana); Basu, A (Basu, Anirban); Singh, SK (Singh, Sunit K.) 2016
Restoring Mitochondrial Function: A Small Molecule-mediated Approach to Enhance Glucose Stimulated Insulin Secretion in Cholesterol Accumulated Pancreatic beta cells SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Asalla, S (Asalla, Suman); Girada, SB (Girada, Shravan Babu); Kuna, RS (Kuna, Ramya S.); Chowdhury, D (Chowdhury, Debabrata); Kandagatla, B (Kandagatla, Bhaskar); Oruganti, S (Oruganti, Srinivas); Bhadra, U (Bhadra, Utpal); Bhadra, MP (Bhadra, Manika Pal); Kalivendi, SV (Kalivendi, Shasi Vardhan); Rao, SP (Rao, Swetha Pavani); Row, A (Row, Anupama); Ibrahim, A (Ibrahim, A.); Ghosh, PP (Ghosh, Partha Pratim); Mitra, P (Mitra, Prasenjit) 2016
Whole Exome Screening Identifies Novel and Recurrent WISP3 Mutations Causing Progressive Pseudorheumatoid Dysplasia in Jammu and Kashmir-India SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Rai, E (Rai, Ekta); Mahajan, A (Mahajan, Ankit); Kumar, P (Kumar, Parvinder); Angural, A (Angural, Arshia); Dhar, MK (Dhar, Manoj K.); Razdan, S (Razdan, Sushil); Thangaraj, K (Thangaraj, Kumarasamy); Wise, CA (Wise, Carol A.); Ikegawa, S (Ikegawa, Shiro); Pandita, KK (Pandita, Kamal Kishore); Sharma, S (Sharma, Swarkar) 2016
Resveratrol attenuates monocyte-to-macrophage differentiation and associated inflammation via modulation of intracellular GSH homeostasis: Relevance in atherosclerosis FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE Vasamsetti, SB (Vasamsetti, Sathish Babu); Karnewar, S (Karnewar, Santosh); Gopoju, R (Gopoju, Raja); Gollavilli, PN (Gollavilli, Paradesi Naidu); Narra, SR (Narra, Sai Ram); Kumar, JM (Kumar, Jerald Mahesh); Kotamraju, S (Kotamraju, Srigiridhar) 2016
In-depth 2-DE reference map of Aspergillus fumigatus and its proteomic profiling on exposure to itraconazole MEDICAL MYCOLOGY Gautam, P (Gautam, Poonam); Mushahary, D (Mushahary, Dolly); Hassan, W (Hassan, Wazid); Upadhyay, SK (Upadhyay, Santosh Kumar); Madan, T (Madan, Taruna); Sirdeshmukh, R (Sirdeshmukh, Ravi); Sundaram, CS (Sundaram, Curam Sreenivasacharlu); Sarma, PU (Sarma, Puranam Usha) 2016
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Phenotypic Variations in the 22q11 Deletion Syndrome - Study in a South Indian Population INDIAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS Pilli, SVSS (Pilli, Satish V. S. S.); Anuradha, D (Anuradha, D.); Manoj, N (Manoj, N.); Nagesh, N (Nagesh, N.); Kumar, RS (Kumar, Raghavannair Suresh); Aradhyam, GK (Aradhyam, Gopala Krishna) 2016
Probing Synechocystis-Arsenic Interactions through Extracellular Nanowires FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY Sure, S (Sure, Sandeep); Ackland, ML (Ackland, M. L.); Gaur, A (Gaur, Aditya); Gupta, P (Gupta, Priyanka); Adholeya, A (Adholeya, Alok); Kochar, M (Kochar, Mandira) 2016
Design of cholesterol arabinogalactan anchored liposomes for asialoglycoprotein receptor mediated targeting to hepatocellular carcinoma: In silico modeling, in vitro and in vivo evaluation INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS Pathak, P (Pathak, Pankaj); Dhawan, V (Dhawan, Vivek); Magarkar, A (Magarkar, Aniket); Danne, R (Danne, Reinis); Govindarajan, S (Govindarajan, Srinath); Ghosh, S (Ghosh, Sandipto); Steiniger, F (Steiniger, Frank); Chaudhari, P (Chaudhari, Pradip); Gopal, V (Gopal, Vijaya); Bunker, A (Bunker, Alex); Rog, T (Rog, Tomasz); Fahr, A (Fahr, Alfred); Nagarsenker, M (Nagarsenker, Mangal) 2016
Regulation of Cell Proliferation and Migration by miR-203 via GAS41/miR-10b Axis in Human Glioblastoma Cells PLOS ONE Pal, D (Pal, Dhananjaya); Mukhopadhyay, D (Mukhopadhyay, Debasmita); Ramaiah, MJ (Ramaiah, M. Janaki); Sarma, P (Sarma, Pranjal); Bhadra, U (Bhadra, Utpal); Bhadra, MP (Bhadra, Manika Pal) 2016
Flavivirus NS1: a multifaceted enigmatic viral protein VIROLOGY JOURNAL Rastogi, M (Rastogi, Meghana); Sharma, N (Sharma, Nikhil); Singh, SK (Singh, Sunit Kumar) 2016
Optimization of purification method and characterization of recombinant human Centrin-1 PROTEIN EXPRESSION AND PURIFICATION Phanindranath, R (Phanindranath, Regur); Sudhakar, DVS (Sudhakar, Digumarthi V. S.); Sharma, AK (Sharma, Anand Kumar); Thangaraj, K (Thangaraj, Kumarasamy); Sharma, Y (Sharma, Yogendra) 2016
Constitutive CD40 Signaling Calibrates Differentiation Outcomes in Responding B Cells via Multiple Molecular Pathways JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY Basu, S (Basu, Srijani); Kaw, S (Kaw, Sheetal); D'Souza, L (D'Souza, Lucas); Vaidya, T (Vaidya, Tushar); Bal, V (Bal, Vineeta); Rath, S (Rath, Satyajit); George, A (George, Anna) 2016
Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Parasites in Civets of Fragmented Rainforest Patches in Anamalai Hills, Western Ghats, India JOURNAL OF PARASITOLOGY Chakraborty, D (Chakraborty, Debapriyo); Tiwari, S (Tiwari, Sunil); Reddy, DM (Reddy, D. Mahender); Umapathy, G (Umapathy, Govindhaswamy) 2016
Quantitative proteomic analysis of normal and degenerated human intervertebral disc SPINE JOURNAL Babu, NS (Babu, Nukala Sarath); Krishnan, S (Krishnan, Sivaraman); Swamy, CVB (Swamy, Cherukuvada V. Brahmendra); Subbaiah, GPV (Subbaiah, Goli P. Venkata); Reddy, AVG (Reddy, Annapareddy V. Gurava); Idris, MM (Idris, Mohammed M.) 2016
Action of Multiple Cell Wall-Degrading Enzymes Is Required for Elicitation of Innate Immune Responses During Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae Infection in Rice MOLECULAR PLANT-MICROBE INTERACTIONS Tayi, L (Tayi, Lavanya); Maku, R (Maku, Roshan); Patel, HK (Patel, Hitendra Kumar); Sonti, RV (Sonti, Ramesh V.) 2016
Cryptic Eimeria genotypes are common across the southern but not northern hemisphere INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR PARASITOLOGY Clark, EL (Clark, Emily L.); Macdonald, SE (Macdonald, Sarah E.); Thenmozhi, V (Thenmozhi, V.); Kundu, K (Kundu, Krishnendu); Garg, R (Garg, Rajat); Kumar, S (Kumar, Saroj); Ayoade, S (Ayoade, Simeon); Fornace, KM (Fornace, Kimberly M.); Jatau, ID (Jatau, Isa Danladi); Moftah, A (Moftah, Abdalgader); Nolan, MJ (Nolan, Matthew J.); Sudhakar, NR (Sudhakar, N. R.); Adebambo, AO (Adebambo, A. O.); Lawal, IA (Lawal, I. A.); Zapata, RA (Alvarez Zapata, Ramon); Awuni, JA (Awuni, Joseph A.); Chapman, HD (Chapman, H. David); Karimuribo, E (Karimuribo, Esron); Mugasa, CM (Mugasa, Claire M.); Namangala, B (Namangala, Boniface); Rushton, J (Rushton, Jonathan); Suo, X (Suo, Xun); Thangaraj, K (Thangaraj, Kumarasamy); Rao, ASRS (Rao, Arni S. R. Srinivasa); Tewari, AK (Tewari, Anup K.); Banerjee, PS (Banerjee, Partha S.); Raj, GD (Raj, G. Dhinakar); Raman, M (Raman, M.); Tomley, FM (Tomley, Fiona M.); Blake, DP (Blake, Darner P.) 2016
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Implications of non-coding RNAs in viral infections REVIEWS IN MEDICAL VIROLOGY Sharma, N (Sharma, Nikhil); Singh, SK (Singh, Sunit K.) 2016
Transfection of arginine decarboxylase gene increases the neuronal differentiation of neural progenitor cells STEM CELL RESEARCH Bokara, KK (Bokara, Kiran Kumar); Kim, JH (Kim, Jae Hwan); Kim, JY (Kim, Jae Young); Lee, JE (Lee, Jong Eun) 2016
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