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Campus rules during Covid-19

This page provides information on CCMB campus responses to COVID-19, coordinated by the medical centre and the CCMB management. It will be updated frequently with current information and instructions. Advisory on Air-borne Transmission of Coronavirus

CCMB Campuses' COVID-19 Response Plan

Don’t panic, and take care to minimize spread. Social Distancing is the key.

Much more stringent guidelines will apply should there be such a case, and contingency plans are in preparation for this.

COVID-19 Symptoms:
  • Fever / Chills
  • Cough / Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath / difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue / Tiredness
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches / body aches and pains
  • Sneezing / runny or congested nose
  • Nausea / vomiting or diarhhea

If you have the above symptoms, please contact your local medical centre. If on campus, please immediately wear a mask and contact the medical Centre at Phone number. The CCMB Medical Officer, Dr. Venugopal, is the only person authorized to issue a fitness certificate for returning to campus.

Information and Awareness:

All CCMB staff (including students, project trainees, scientists, administration, security, canteen, support staff and contract staff) have been given updated information and guidelines of our campus response and rules by their respective team leaders and each attendee’s signature has been taken to ensure that all are aware.

General guidelines:

Quarantine guidelines:

  • Link to MOHFW guidelines for home quarantine: https://www.mohfw.gov.in/Guidelinesforhomequarantine.pdf
  • If you have travelled outside of Hyderabad by AIR and are returning to campus, it is mandatory that you undergo a period of self-quarantine. Please do the following:
    • You must inform the Medical Center by calling the number 2716-2699
    • In the rare event that you have travelled internationally by NON-AIR mode, this must also be reported to the medical centre.
  • Quarantine is also required for all ground modes of domestic travel outside of Hyderabad. The quarantine period is 15 days after the travel
  • If your only place of residence is on the CCMB campus, quarantine facilities have been arranged on campus (see section 2 below). In all other cases, your quarantine place should be off-campus. For example, if your home-town is outside Hyderabad or you stay off campus in Hyderabad, please go to your home for self-quarantine.
  • If, after your quarantine period, you are not showing any symptoms of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) please contact the Medical Centre for an appointment 2716-2699 and follow instructions about a checkup.
  • If, during your quarantine period you experience worsening symptoms, contact the medical centre 2716-2699
  • If you experience breathlessness call the CCMB reception 2716-0222 or the Medical Center 2716-2699. If you live far from the campus, call 104 for their guidance on next steps (testing etc).
  • Please inform the CCMB medical center 2716-2699 and your group head about your situation.
  • Symptoms that possibly indicate Coronavirus infection are:
    • Fever
    • Tiredness
    • Dry Cough
    • Breathlessness
  • In case you begin to show such signs while on campus
    • Wear mask immediately
    • Call the medical center for further instructions

Information for people entering quarantine on campus

The goal of quarantine is to isolate you until it is clear that you were not infected with COVID during your travel, or due to close contact with someone who travelled recently. On-campus quarantine facilities are designated in 4 units in CCMB Quarters; details are here. We suggest that you mentally prepare for quarantine.

Remember that the social isolation necessary during quarantine will likely incur a degree of anxiety, although we will try our best to make you comfortable. Treat the staff at the quarantine centre with due courtesy and respect; they are after all risking their health while performing their duties. Be patient, the systems are still being set up. In case of any problems or questions, contact Puran (2719-2926), or Rajendra Prasad (2719-2768).

What will be provided during quarantine

  1. You will be given a clean room with a bed, linen, and towels, and supplies to clean your room during your isolation.
  2. You will be provided regular meals and necessities such as drinking water; and a dinner plate and cutlery that you can wash and reuse during your stay. Presently food and water are served in disposable vessels, three times a day. This is because disposable plates and containers are easier to handle/discard. Please inform staff about any food allergies.
  3. You will be provided with masks and a sanitiser, which you must use when stepping out of your room (briefly) to collect supplies left for you at the door.

What to bring with you while entering quarantine

  1. Personal necessities: clothes, toiletries, any medication that you require regularly.
    External laundry facilities are difficult to provide given the risk of infection; but you can wash and dry clothes inside your room. Please plan accordingly.
  2. Other necessities such as mosquito repellent and an electrical extension cord, which you probably already have at home. If not, you can request these from the quarantine caretaker.
  3. A small stock of snacks or other foods that you prefer.
  4. Reading material, laptop, other devices.
  5. Please don't delay entering quarantine as you run around to get these. If you're given a deadline to pack, just go. Items can come later.

During the quarantine period

  • It is critical that you avoid ALL direct social contact during your quarantine. You can of course talk to people on the phone, or online.
  • A designated caretaker will procure and deliver any additional material you need during quarantine. You can call them and request what you need; they will disinfect the supplies and leave them outside your door. After they leave, you should wear your mask, sanitize your hands, step out quickly and take the material inside.
  • Double-bag all waste within the room; when the bag is full, close it and call the caretaker to arrange a pickup time. Wear your mask, sanitize your hands, and leave the bag on the table outside your door. After you go inside, the caretaker will come and pick up the material. In general, the only things leaving your room during the quarantine period should be waste; no non-essential things should leave your room.
  • Students on quarantine in Quarters will be contacted on a daily basis by staff at the medical centre.
  • If you feel unwell, call the medical centre 2716-2699 and speak with Dr. Venugopal. If he prescribes any new medication, ask the caretaker to arrange to have it delivered to you.
  • If you feel well, try to stick to a regular work routine. There is always analysis, reading, consultation with PI to be done.

Campus Entry Rules:

  • Visitors are allowed to enter campus only if it is absolutely necessary as approved by a phone call to security by one of the faculty or section heads of CCMB.
  • All persons entering the campus will be scanned for fever using a non-contact thermal scanner at the entry gate. This facility will be available at the main CCMB gate and side gate, and at CRF and LaCONES.
  • If a higher than normal temperature is detected, the process to be followed is as below:
    1. All persons with CCMB identity card must directly call the medical centre and seek advice.
    2. All other persons (e.g visitors, vendors, etc) with a fever will not be allowed onto campus
  • All visitors must wash their hands with soap at the basin by the main/side gate security when they enter.
  • CCMB staff may enter but they must wash their hands at the nearest wash basin on campus soon after entering.
  • Please cooperate with security and staff on campus, they are following instructions to ensure the health and safety of everyone.
  • All campus members visiting campus are requested to keep a close check on their own health.
  • Avoid eating outside, unnecessary travel and going into crowded places.
  • Limit social interaction as much as possible
  • If you feel like you have been in contact with someone exhibiting symptoms of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) please contact the nearest medical center, and follow their instructions. Do not travel or visit anyone without receiving medical clearance.

Instructions for ALL Campus Members:

  • While on campus, please try to work so that social distance is maintained. The ideal distance is 1.5 metres-2 metres. This applies in all places including canteen, buses or lab.
  • Encourage work-from-home.
  • Avoid large meetings (lab meetings to continue at PI discretion)
  • Keep your hands washed and your work surfaces clean
  • ALL offices and meeting points on campus have nearby access to hand sanitizer-please use it
  • Keep daily use items clean. These include backpacks, shoes, laptops, cellphone phones, headphones, watch etc.
  • Drinking water point instructions:
    • Before you refill the water bottle please wash your bottle thoroughly and your hands
    • Place the water bottle away from the drinking water outlet for refill. Do NOT touch the mouth of the bottle to the outlet of drinking water.

Instructions for Students:

  • We are required to set up a quarantine space on campus. Based on the space required, the SDP housing units at CCMB Quarters has been identified as the best location. Dr Krishnan Harshan, Dr Puran Sijwali and Dr Karthik Bharadwaj and Mr Rajendra Prasad will be in-charge of these arrangements.
  • All CCMB in-person meetings of greater than 6 people are suspended.
  • In-person courses, lectures and workshops are suspended.
  • All thesis colloquium seminars are suspended. All thesis vivas will take place by video if they have already been scheduled-do not schedule any new vivas until further notice.
  • Individual labs will decide on their policies for group meetings. Everyone is encouraged to make use of online meetings, and work from home to the extent possible.
  • Research and lab activities will continue according to the discretion of the individual faculty. Standard precautions should be observed, including maintaining distance, washing hands, staying home if unwell and reporting symptoms immediately to the Medical Centre and your group head. Animal experiments should be discussed with Animal house incharge.

Precautions taken on campus:

  • Quarantine Space is being set up in CCMB Quarters (SDP units).
  • Telephone helpline is being set up (2716-2699)
  • International travel has been suspended by CSIR
  • Door handles, toilets and common spaces are being cleaned more regularly
  • Transport: Deep cleaning of the CCMB vehicles (Swaraj Mazda) is taking place. The number of trips will be increased in number- every half hour instead of every hour. Please avoid crowding, maintain distance.
  • Campus Hygiene: The following items have been made available:
    • Hand sanitizer- provided at canteen
    • Medicated soap-provided in all toilets
  • Canteen Measures:
    • Please maintain distance when queueing for food
    • Food service hours have been extended so as to lessen crowds
    • New hours are 11.30-15.30 for Lunch
    • Dinner, 7.30-9.30 -both Samvaad and Ahlaad
    • Breakfast will be served in both Samvaad and Ahlaad
    • Tea and coffee service is cancelled (both kiosk and lounge) until further notice
    • Students in hostel rooms with kitchenette are encouraged to prepare your own food
    • Staff/students bringing your own food are encouraged to sit elsewhere in the campus rather than crowding in canteen
    • Restriction to number of people coming inside the canteen at peak hours
    • Ensure social spacing. Do not crowd tables.
    • Coffee day kiosk in Center Court will continue sales of packaged items but no coffee or tea from the dispenser.
  • CCMB Gym is completely closed. Do not enter.

What to do if family members return home from outside Hyderabad

  • Family members travelling by AIR should self-quarantine as per quarantine guidelines (link to item 1) to avoid possible community spread of disease
  • If you cannot quarantine yourself from the AIR travellers, then you should also self-quarantine-15 days for travel by AIR. In this case do NOT come to campus.
  • If individuals currently living with you at the same dwelling have travelled within India but outside Hyderabad by NON-AIR modes, then you should self-quarantine from them for a period of 15 days.
  • Make an appointment with the Medical Centre informing them of the situation and obtain explicit advice, and upon completion of the quarantine time, obtain permission for your return to the campus.


Is CCMB going to be shutdown if situation outside (in Hyderabad) worsens?If so , will the canteen and medical facility operate?

The campus does not plan a shutdown, but we have to obey city requirements. The canteen/medical facilities will work to the extent permitted by the city. They may operate at reduced capacity but we don't anticipate a full closure as they are essential services.

Are the CCMB hostels going to be vacated to control the spread of virus?

There is no intention to shut the hostels. In case there is a need to shut the canteen to comply with city guidelines in case of emergency, efforts will be made to enable local food arrangements.

What to do about someone who has difficulty getting home? Will there be skeleton services on campus in case there is a lockdown?

Yes, there will be skeleton services and people in real tight situations will be helped. See above FAQ.

If someone is planning for a synopsis/pre synopsis seminar, how to arrange for it?

Ask the academic cell. Note that thesis viva will be done online.

Will the Creche stay operational ?

The latest DOPT circular mandates closure of all creches. This will be done by the end of the week. Staff can take childcare leave if needed.

Can we get testing done to clear ourselves and those suspected to be positive?

Testing is only done as per doctor's recommendation, for the following reasons:

  • One needs medical input to decide if the case is likely to be the COVID-19.
  • National capacity to test is very limited,
  • Being 'clear' now doesn't mean that you can't contract the disease later, Save it for when symptoms indicate.

When to decide if you should consult the campus doctor?

See the doctor if you have the Covid symptoms, after making an appointment.

How to differentiate between common cold and Covid 19?

See link https://www.bbc.com/news/av/health-51934576/how-do-i-know-if-i-have-coronavirus,But the doctor has the final say.

How safe is it to travel in public transport on a daily basis?

It increases your exposure. Try to limit. Use disinfectant measures like hand wash.

How do we ensure safety in CCMB bus/shuttle ?

See web page for procedures already in place and planned. In brief, disinfection, less crowding, and more trips to reduce crowding.

If the profession of my family members is such that they come in contact with a lot of people on a daily basis, should I not come to lab, or get a temporary place to stay unless situation gets better.

Bear in mind Social Distance and work it out with your PI

What kind of experiments should we plan during this time?

Work it out with your PI. Probably one would not like everything to grind to a halt. Bear in mind that the progress of the pandemic is not fully known.

Can I get food/parcel deliveries from Swiggy etc?

Deliveries should be picked up only at the gate (main gate or hostel gate). If someone in quarantine needs a delivery, they should work it out with the designated caretaker as per quarantine guidelines.

If I have travelled within the city, can I come to the campus?

Yes, but please monitor yourself, and limit interactions with people. You will be subject to thermal scanning at the gate. If a fever is detected, the course of action will be as indicated in item 3.

FAQs About Self-Quarantine:

What is self quarantine?

Self quarantine is when an individual limits social interaction and stays at a secluded place, such as their home, for a period of time to minimize the risk of transmitting the coronavirus. Inform the medical centre before taking this step.

How long do I have to be under self-quarantine?

Self-quarantine will be 15 days for those who have travelled internationally or within the country by AIR, or come in contact with someone who has travelled under these circumstances.

Self-quarantine will be 15 days for those who have travelled within India but outside Hyderabad by NON-AIR modes, or come in contact with someone who travelled has travelled under these circumstances.

Do I have to self-quarantine if I’m visited by people from out of town?

Yes. Please please follow the self-quarantine advisory before returning to campus. Inform the medical centre before taking this step.

How long should I self-quarantine if I feel normal/fine?

Please self-quarantine for

(i) 15 days for AIR travel internationally or within India

(ii) 15 days for non-AIR travel outside Hyderabad city.

(iii) Make an appointment with the campus medical centre to be cleared before resuming work on campus.

ANTI-FAQ: what not to do

  • If you are in the quarantine period, do NOT come to campus ‘just to pick up some stuff’
  • If you have to return from travel, do NOT simply postpone your travel for 5 days and then land up right away. The time for quarantine starts from the time of your return to Hyderabad.
  • If you have a friend who is returning from outside the city, please do NOT host them in your home or hostel room. This will potentially bring infection onto the campus. If it is unavoidable to host visitors/family from out of town, please stay away from campus for 15 days at least.
  • If you’re off campus and in quarantine time, STAY off campus. Do NOT land up on campus asking for a quarantine room. We are trying to minimize spread.
  • If you are expecting a Swiggy or courier delivery, do NOT ask them to come onto campus. The items should be picked up from the designated outside gate.
  • Do NOT encourage any off-campus visitors.
  • If you’re in quarantine, do NOT meet people except by videoconf. Even if off campus. Don't promote community spread of the disease.
  • Do NOT come to the campus health centre during your quarantine period. Contact the staff through phone number. Don't overwhelm them, this is a very busy time.

Campus response structure