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Animal House

This facility caters for regulated and ethical research on animal models including mice, rats, rabbits and hamsters. In addition to routine breeding and strain maintenance, specialized services include maintenance of tumours in rats and mice, immunisation of mice and rats for production of monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies in rabbits, xenografts in athymic nude mice and management of mutant mouse stocks. The animals are mostly housed in individually ventilated cage racks, and the facility has barrier regions for foundation colonies, with separate procedures rooms for animal surgery and recovery, and quarantine. The animal facility currently maintains around 31 strains of mice, and houses around 6000 animals.

Specialized animal models include the SCID and Nude Mice Facility, where flexi-loop isolators are housed in barrier-protected rooms and house CBySmn.CB17-Prkdc scid/J; CByJ.Cg-Foxn1nude/J; and NIH nude strains of mice.

For any service/usage of facility, please write to bdg@ccmb.res.in

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