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Cell Culture

This is the most highly used facilities at CCMB. Cultured cells are the starting point for a variety of investigations into differentiation and proliferation of normal cells and their pathological counterparts, in diseases ranging from cancer to diabetes, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular disorders, and in developmental stages from stem cells of human and mouse, to terminally differentiated cells from a variety of tissues. CCMB provides training to researchers from academia. The facility is well equipped with laminar flow hoods, CO2 incubators, microscopes, electroporator, cold room, freezers, and cryopreservation containers. Dedicated staff help to train personnel, and offer assistance with monoclonal antibody production, derivation of primary cells and engineering of over-expression and knockdown cell lines.

For any service/usage of facility, please write to bdg@ccmb.res.in

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