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Flow Cytometry

The FACS facility is used to measure the multi-parameters which are expressed by a single, multiple cells or particles on the basis of differences in their light scattering and fluorescence properties. The facility has been used in CCMB to analyse  and  high speed sterile sorted cells for further cultures or isolate nucleic acids/proteins. CCMB Flow Cytometry facility provides training to their students/project staff as well as support in designing and analysis of experiments to all CCMB investigators and to the local scientific community. Various research groups such as Cell biology, Stem cell biology and Infection biology, FACS is being used more and more frequently and offers completely new possibilities for the analysis and purification of cells and cell organelles by sterile sorting. These groups will be supported and guided in the planning and carrying out of experiments as well as the subsequent analysis. Besides support and teaching, facility at CCMB FACS is concerned with further development and optimization of various aspects of the FACS SOP’s, experiment related protocols and methodology. FACS facility is also providing the support to external users like R&D companies and Universities in their research work under CRTDH programme. The CCMB FACS facility is centralized facility equipped with two high-speed sorters and two high- speed analysers.

For more information please visit http://e-portal.ccmb.res.in/facilities/facs/

For any service/usage of facility, please write to bdg@ccmb.res.in

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