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Archive Lectures/Collocuiums

Event DateEvent Head/VenueTopic Title
13-10-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Mr Survi Mahesh
Venue:Director`s Committee Room
Thesis Title: Understanding meiosis and its regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana: A novel DNA binding domain of DYAD gene is essential for Arabidopsis meiosis
04-10-2021 @4:00PMScientific Group Meeting - Speakers: 1. Dr. Chandra Shekar P
2. Sudipta Mondal
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. Metabolic regulation of development
2. Resurrecting lost connections: Designer proteins to tie nerves
01-10-2021 @4:00PMLecture by Dr. Nikhil Gandasi Researcher/Assistant Professor, Unit of Physiology, Gothenburg University, Sweden
Venue:Virtual (MS Teams)
Subcellular view of islets to understand type-2 diabetes
28-09-2021 @4:00PMLecture by Dr Mohan Prem Anand Marimuthu, Comai Lab, UC Davis
Venue:Lecture Hall
Centromere epigenetic conflict trigger uniparental genome loss in hybrids
20-09-2021 @4:00PMLecture by Dr. Feroj Ahmed, Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, Glasgow, UK
Investigation and exploitation of the ubiquitin machinery to inhibit cancer
16-09-2021 @7:30 PMCCMB Biologue with Dr Erwin London, Stony Brook University, USA
Using lipid exchange to understand membrane organization and function
25-08-2021 @4:00PMColloquium by Mr Manish Bhattacharjee
Venue:Lecture Hall
Investigation of protein neddylation in malaria parasites
16-08-2021 @4:00PMLecture by Dr. Sourish Ghosh, Postdoctoral Visiting Research Fellow, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA
Tracking Footprints of Viruses: Revealing Alternative Modes of Viral Exit from Host Cell
12-08-2021 @4:00PMColloquium by Mr Raj Bahadur
Venue:Lecture Hall
Function and Regulation of Peptidoglycan Hydrolases in Escherichia coli
09-08-2021 @4:00PMLecture by Dr Rahul Bhowmick, Assistant Professor, Center for Chromosome Stability, University of Copenhagen
Replication stress management in cancer cells
03-08-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Mr Patil Gajanan Shrikant
Venue:Lecture Hall
Thesis Title: Structural and functional characterisation of fatty acyl-AMP ligases from diverse organisms
02-08-2021 @3:45PMScientific Group Meeting - Speakers: 1. Dr. Venkat R Chalamcharla
2. Ms Sneha Paturi
1. `Useful` Introns
2. The science of taste
30-07-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Ms Asmita D Pawar
Venue:Lecture Hall
Thesis Title: Exploring Calcium-binding Properties of Novel Bacterial β-sheet Proteins
26-07-2021 @2:30 PMColloquium by Ms Amrutha H C
Venue:Lecture Hall
Exploring the structural and functional insights of secretagogin, a calcium-binding protein
26-07-2021 @4:00PMLecture by Dr. Laasya Samhita, DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance Early Career Fellow at NCBS, Bengaluru
Mistakes can be good: the evolutionary potential of translation errors
24-07-2021 @4:00PMLecture by Prasad Krishnamurthy,Vice President, R&D at CuraTeq Biologics and Satyalakshmi Oruganty Lead Business Consulting at IDBS-Danaher
Venue:Lecture Hall
Career paths and Decisions for PhDs
22-07-2021 @4:00PMColloquium by Mr Nilanjan Som
Venue:Lecture Hall
Studies on bacterial peptidoglycan synthesis and its regulation
20-07-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Mr Rajan Kumar Jha
Venue:Lecture Hall
Thesis Title: Mitochondrial and nuclear factors in multi-systemic disorders
19-07-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Ms Upasana Rai
Venue:Lecture Hall
Thesis Title: Structural-functional insights of DRB2 during RNA recognition in A. thaliana
19-07-2021 @04:00PMLecture by Dr. Ishwariya Venkatesh, Research Asst. Professor, Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA
Molecular strategies to promote Spinal Cord repair: Barriers and Solutions
16-07-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Ms Preethi Jampala
Venue:Lecture Hall
Thesis Title: Roles of cis Regulatory Motifs and Chromatin Modifying Factors in Regulation of Homeobox Transcription Factor, SHOOT MERISTEMLESS (STM) in Plants
14-07-2021 @4:00 PMCCMB Biologue with Prof Amitabh Joshi,JNCASR, Bangalore
The Illusion of mechanism in biology
14-07-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Ms Divya Sriram
Venue:Lecture Hall
Thesis Title: Understanding molecular mechanisms involved in C3G-induced differentiation
13-07-2021 @4:00PMColloquium by Ms Swetha Sundar
Venue:Lecture Hall
Analysis of the post-transcriptional control mechanisms governing quiescence
12-07-2021 @04:00PMLecture by Dr. Krishna Suddala,Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow, NIH, USA
Unraveling riboswitch mechanisms by a combined investigation of RNA structure, dynamics and interactions
28-06-2021 @04:00PMLecture by Dr. Mukesh Thakur,Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata
From molecules to monitoring: conservation genetics and genomics in applied wildlife conservation.
25-06-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Ms Dhiviya Vedagiri
Venue:Lecture Hall
Thesis Title: Investigating the Role of Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in Human Viral Infections
23-06-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Ms Shivali Rawat
Venue:Lecture Hall
Thesis Title: Study of aggregation-prone proteins in mammalian cells
22-06-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Ms Shagufta Khan
Venue:Lecture Hall
Thesis Title: Paternal Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance in Drosophila melanogaster
21-06-2021 @04:00PMLecture by Dr. Sriram Varahan,DBT-Wellcome Trust India Alliance Early Career Fellow, InStem, Bengaluru
Metabolic basis of cellular specialization in microbial systems
18-06-2021 @04:00PMLecture by Dr Ganesh Bagler, Associate Professor, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi.
Computational Gastronomy: A Data Science Approach to Food   
(Zoom Link -https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88607930943?pwd=eXE1K29taUM2TkpBOFFINEJxOXAvZz09)
18-06-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Mr Shams Ul Haq
Venue:Lecture Hall
Thesis Title: Early life stress induced remodeling of mouse hippocampal circuitry causing adult neuropsychiatric disorders
15-06-2021 @4:00 PMCCMB Biologue with Dr Mary Gehring, Associate Professor of Biology, MIT, USA.
Genetic Conflicts and Seed Biology
14-06-2021 @4:00PMScientific Group Meeting - Speakers:
1. Dr Pavithra Chavali
2. Vishnu Vijay
Venue:Lecture Hall
1.Organogenic principles in organoids
2.Meet the `artificial embryos` and the future of biology.  
(Meeting link: https://meet.google.com/cmd-mgpy-fvt)
07-06-2021 @4:00PMLecture by Dr.Subramanian Sankaranarayanan, Purdue University, Indiana, USA
Venue:Virtual (MS-Teams)
Unravelling the Molecular Basis of Pollination
03-06-2021 @4:00PMColloquium by Mr Nikhil Hajirnis
Venue:Lecture Hall
Genome organization and regulation of the bithorax complex in Drosophila melanogaster
02-06-2021 @4:00PMColloquium by Mr Vishnu Narayanan M
Venue:Lecture Hall
Studies on virulence factors of the rice pathogen Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae.
31-05-2021 @4:00PMColloquium by Ms Akanksha Garhewal
Venue:Lecture Hall
Mechanism of Epigenetic Regulation in Plants- Role of histone modifications and non-coding RNA
31-05-2021 @5:00 PMCCMB Biologue by Prof Vidyanand Nanjundiah, Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore
Biology: An autonomous science?
27-05-2021 @4:00PMColloquium by Mrs Kamakshi Dandu
Venue:Lecture Hall
Pyrogallol: A potential therapeutic agent for Retinoblastoma
21-05-2021 @04:00PMLecture by Dr Temburni, Associate Professor at Delaware State University, USA.   
Zoom Link -https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83013321610?pwd=ZGdLVU1ZdzJMVXI5VGpId093Mk44dz09
Astrocytes, the Conductors of Neuronal Symphony
13-05-2021 @9:00 AMCCMB Biologue by Dr. Michael Rape, University of California, Berkely, USA
The Code to Decide Fate
10-05-2021 @4:00PMScientific Group Meeting - Speakers:
1. Gokulan CG
2. Gayathri Sreedharan
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. An animal neurotransmitter's role in plant defense signaling
2. Fungal freeloading, evolution of cheater lineages in Neurospora crassa
06-05-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speaker: Devika Dnyanraj Mahimkar
Inhibition of prostaglandin-degrading enzyme 15-PGDH rejuvenates aged muscle mass and strength
05-05-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Sai Poojitha 2. Dixitkumar Nanubhai Tandel
1. A moth odorant receptor highly expressed in the ovipositor is involved in detecting host-plant volatiles
2. C. elegans interprets bacterial non-coding RNAs to learn pathogenic avoidance
04-05-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Rishiddh Jhaveri 2. Agyeya Pratap
1. Wild insect diversity increases inter-annual stability in global crop pollinator communities
2. Multi-kingdom ecological drivers of microbiota assembly in preterm infants
03-05-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Avni Blotra 2. Abhishek Gopal
1. Encoding memory in tube diameter hierarchy of living flow network
2. Competition with insectivorous ants as a contributor to low songbird diversity at low elevations in the eastern Himalaya
30-04-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Vinayak Prakash Saini 2. Justus Francis
1. Towards fungal computer
2. How oscillating aerodynamic forces explain the timbre of the hummingbird’s hum and other animals in flapping flight
29-04-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Gayatri Pratyusha M 2. Santhosh K
1. Heterochromatin-Driven Nuclear Softening Protects the Genome against Mechanical Stress-Induced Damage
2. The nucleus acts as a ruler tailoring cell responses to spatial constraints
28-04-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Soumya Bunk 2. Suparna Ghosh
1. Tumor Microbiome Diversity and Composition Influence Pancreatic Cancer Outcomes
2. Engineered probiotics for local tumor delivery of checkpoint blockade nanobodies
27-04-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Korak Chakraborty 2. Sauvik Dasnaskar
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. Functional Proteomics of Breast Cancer Metabolism Identifies GLUL as Responder during Hypoxic Adaptation
2. TERT promoter alterations could provide a solution for Peto's paradox in rodents
26-04-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Chaynita Dashora 2. Etikala Apoorva
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. T cell circuits that sense antigen density with an ultrasensitive threshold
2. Cytosolic Gram-negative bacteria prevent apoptosis by inhibition of effector caspases through lipopolysaccharide
23-04-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Tuhina Prasad 2. N Krishna Chaitanya
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. An AMPK-dependent, non-canonical p53 pathway plays a key role in adipocyte metabolic reprogramming
2. Horizontal genome transfer by cell-to-cell travel of whole organelles
22-04-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Aditi 2. Mukul J S
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. A low-pressure, N2/CO2 atmosphere is suitable for cyanobacterium-based life-support systems on Mars
2. An interbacterial DNA deaminase toxin directly mutagenizes surviving target populations
21-04-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speaker: Priyanka Pandey
Venue:Lecture Hall
Actin cables and comet tails organize mitochondrial networks in mitosis
20-04-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Arpan Mukhoti 2. Jas Ranjan
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. Sleep Loss Can Cause Death through Accumulation of Reactive Oxygen Species in the Gut
2. Brain control humoral immune responses ameanable to behaviuoral modulation
20-04-2021 @11:00AMLecture by Prof Vasant Shinde, Professor of Archaeology, Deccan College Postgraduate and Research Institute, Pune
Archaeogenetic Research at Rakhigarhi: Recent Perspective and Future Directions
19-04-2021 @2:30 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Manisha Ray 2. Aanchal
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. Mechanism for food texture preference based on grittiness
2. Coordination between microbiota and root endodermis supports plant mineral nutrient homeostasis
19-04-2021 @4:00 PMCCMB Biologue (talk 9) by John Mattick, Garvan Institute of Medical Research.
Genomes are .zip files of transcriptomes
16-04-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Sohail Rafik Mansuri 2. Kanika Saxena
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. Species-specific pace of development is associated with differences in protein stability
2. Ex utero mouse embryogenesis from pre-gastrulation to late organogenesis
15-04-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Mr Mohd Mazeed
Venue:Lecture Hall
Thesis Title: Insights into D-aminoacyl-tRNA deacylase (DTD) function in land plants
15-04-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Priti Chanda Behera 2. Subhashree Shubhrasmita Sahu
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. Stretch-activated ion channels identified in the touch-sensitive structures of carnivorous Droseraceae plants
2. Reversing a model of Parkinson`s disease with in situ converted nigral neurons
13-04-2021 @3:00PMViva-Voce of Mr A Srinivasan
Venue:Director`s Committee Room
Thesis Title: Computational analysis of chromatin domain boundaries and Polycomb Response Elements in Insects
07-04-2021 @4:00PMLecture by Dr. Tandrika Chattopadhyay,Visiting Fellow, Department of Biological Science, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Venue:Lecture Hall
Oscillatory control of Metabolic Homeostasis
06-04-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Mr Pavan Kumar Chodisetti
Venue:Lecture Hall
Thesis Title: Studies on Bacterial Cell Wall Synthesis: Role of Peptidoglycan Hydolases
06-04-2021 @4:00PMScientific Group Meeting - Speakers:
1. Dr Rajan Sankaranarayanan
2. Divya Gupta
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. Mistranslation: A necessary evil!
2. Viral Fitness: Does size matter?
05-04-2021 @4:00 PMLecture by Dr Mayuri Rege, DST INSPIRE Faculty, Ramnarain Ruia College, L. Nappo Road, Matunga, Mumbai
Venue:Lecture Hall
On-demand genome folding using a novel optoepigenetic tool
31-03-2021 @4:00 PMLecture by Dr Dhananjay Chaturvedi, NCBS, Bangalore
Venue:Lecture Hall
Muscle Repair and Maintenance in vivo
30-03-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Mr Parijat Sarkar
Venue:Lecture Hall
Thesis Title: Interplay between Membrane Lipids, Actin Cytoskeleton and GPCRs: Organization, Dynamics and Function
24-03-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Mr Md. Jafurulla
Venue:Lecture Hall
Thesis Title: Membrane Lipids in GPCR Function and Pathogen Entry
11-03-2021 @3:00 PMCCMB Biologue (talk 8) by Vishwesha Guttal, Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc, Bangalore.
The Physics of Ecology: Fundamental Parallels Between Statistical Physics and Ecology
09-03-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-Voce of Mr Zuberwasim Sayyad
Venue:Lecture Hall
Understanding the role of OPTN in autophagy and neurodegeneration using disease associated mutant M98K
08-03-2021 @4:00PmScientific Group Meeting - Speakers:
1. Dr. Megha Kumar
2. Deepti Rao
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. Regeneration in Vertebrates
2. Will she still want him when his identity is revealed?
24-02-2021 @4:00PMColloquium by Ms Chhavi Dawar
Venue:Lecture Hall
De novo transcriptome analysis of embryonic GAM and Brain tissues of Indian Mugger: search for candidate gene(s) having putative role in temperature-dependent sex determination
12-02-2021 @12:00 NoonViva-voce of Mr. Kranthi Kiran Akula
Venue:Lecture Hall
Cellular functions of alpha B crystallin: Role of phosphorylation
12-02-2021 @6:00 PMCCMB Biologue (talk 7) by Sam Illingworth, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland
Poetry of Science: Using poetry and games to develop dialogue between scientists and non-scientists
08-02-2021 @4:00PMScientific Group Meeting - Speakers: 1. Shemin Mansuri 2. Ashish Bihani
1. Why skin grows as you stretch it? 2. `Order in a can of worms!`
02-02-2021 @12:00NoonViva-Voce of Mr Mr. Sunil Kumar Tripathi
Venue:Director`s Committee Room
Thesis Title: Exploring additional Genetic factors associated with susceptibility/resistance to malaria among Indian populations
28-01-2021 @12:00NoonViva-Voce of Mr Pankaj Kumar
Venue:Lecture Hall
Thesis Title: Role of heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) in drug resistant cancer cells
28-01-2021 @4:00 PMCCMB Biologue (talk 6) by Dr. Dasaradhi Palakodeti, InStem, Bangalore, India
tRNA derived small RNA fragments: their biogenesis and function in stem cells
22-01-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Pradeep Kumar 2. Jaydeep Paul
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. Mechanistic and Functional Insights into Chiral Proofreading During Protein Synthesis
2. Structural and functional study of DRB3 in plant RNAi
20-01-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Purnima SailaSree 2. Mansi Srivastava
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. Regulation of cell fate choice in early mouse development and pluripotent cells
2. Metabolic regulation of pluripotency
19-01-2021 @4:30PMColloquium by Mr Narayan Datt Soni
Venue:Lecture Hall
Investigations of Brain Energy Metabolism in Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease Using 13C NMR Spectoscopy.
18-01-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar by Kamal Saba
Venue:Lecture Hall
Investigation of Metabolic and Molecular Changes During Healthy Aging and in Alzheimer`s Disease
13-01-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Bedaballi Dey 2. P Sivakumar
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. Understanding Molecular MechanismsinAmyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis usingOptineurin Knock Out Mice
2. Molecular characterization of SHUKR and SHUKR-like with respect to Sporophytic to Gametophytic transition in Arabidopsis thaliana
12-01-2021 @12:00NoonViva-Voce of Ms. Renu Sudhakar
Venue:Director`s Committee Room
Thesis Title: Investigation of autophagy in malaria parasites
11-01-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. A S Priti 2. Ananga Ghosh
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. Understanding centrosome-ciliary dynamics in regulation of quiescence vs. differentiation
2. Exosomes as modulators of muscle stem cell function during regeneration
08-01-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. Ravina Saini 2. Sagnik Dhar
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. Mechanism of Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance in Drosophila melanogaster
2. Genetic and Functional Analysis of male fertility gene TESMIN
06-01-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar by Annapoorna P Karthyayani
Venue:Lecture Hall
Deciphering the Role of KDM7 Family of Histone Lysine Demethylases in Depression
04-01-2021 @4:00 pmStudent Seminar- Speakers: 1. R Abishek Bharadhwaj 2. Priyanka Pant
Venue:Lecture Hall
1. Role of a Notch regulated long non coding RNA in Aortic Aneurysm
2. Role of a NFAT regulated long non-coding RNA in cardiac hypertrophy and failure
30-12-2020 @2:30 PMYIP Lecture by Prof. Gagandeep Kang, CMC, Vellore
Nevertheless we persist - A career in 10 chapters
28-12-2020 @12:00NoonViva-Voce of Mr Ashish Jha
Venue:Committee Room No 1
Thesis Title: Conservation of Endangered Species - Phylogeny and Population genetics of Yellow-throated Bulbul (Pycnonotus xantholaemus)
18-12-2020 @12:00NoonViva-Voce of Mr Umesh Kumar
Venue:Director`s Committee Room
Thesis Title: Functional characterization of a novel male fertility gene TEX13B
10-12-2020 @12:00NoonViva-Voce of Mr Hanuman T Kale
Venue:Director`s Committee Room
Thesis Title: Regulation of pluripotency factor-Nanog in pluripotency state
09-12-2020 @4:00PMColloquium by Ms Nipa Basak
Venue:Lecture Hall
High altitude adaptation(s) in Tibetan population: Biochemical, Epigenetic and Genetic perspectives
07-12-2020 @4:00PMScientific Group Meeting Speakers: 1. Ravi Singh
2. Amrutha HC
1. Parental benefits and offspring costs reflect parent–offspring conflict over the age of fledging among songbirds
2. Stress a Major Player in Melanocyte Stem Cell Maintenance and Hair Greying
27-11-2020 @2:30 PMFoundation Day Student/Postdoc Talk by Ms. Shwetha Sundar
Paused in Translation: How mRNP granules provide hiatus for muscle regeneration
27-11-2020 @2:55 PMFoundation Day Student/Postdoc Talk by Dr. Gunjan Purohit
Metabolic Features of Muscle Stem Cell Quiescence
27-11-2020 @3:30 PMFoundation Day Student/Postdoc Talk by Dr. D. K. Bharti
Spatial patterns of phylogenetic diversity and endemism in centipedes of the Western Ghats, India
27-11-2020 @3:55 PMFoundation Day Student/Postdoc Talk by Dr. Akshay Bhatnagar
Co-evolution of DTD and tRNA enabled successful integration of translation apparatus for opisthokonta emergence