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B Kiran Kumar	-Img

B Kiran Kumar

Senior Scientist
Email: bokarakiran@ccmb.res.in
Phone: 5547

Research Interests:

The specific microenvironments regulating stem cells, commonly referred to as niches, comprise multiple cell populations whose precise contributions are under active current exploration. Understanding the cross-talk between stem cells and their niche components is essential for the development of therapies against disorders in which stem cells function is altered.
Currently we are focusing on investigating neuronal injury and its repair mechanisms under various conditions. We use 2D & 3D cell culture platforms and animal model systems. Advanced microscopy and Molecular and cell biology techniques will be used to understand these processes.

Selected Publications:

Adhatoda Vasica attenuates inflammatory and hypoxic responses in preclinical mouse models: potential for repurposing in COVID-19-like conditions Journal of Respiratory Research, 2021, 6; 22(1): 99.

Long term observation of ocular surface alkali burn in rabbit models: Quantitative analysis of corneal haze, vascularity and self-recovery, Experimental Eye Research, 2021 2;205:108526.

Prevention of corneal myofibroblastic differentiation in vitro using biomimetic ECM hydrogel for corneal tissue regeneration. ACS Applied Biomaterials, 2021, 4, 1, 533–544 HspB5 protects Mouse Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells from Paraquat Toxicity, American Journal of Stem Cells, Dec 25;9(5):68-77. eCollection 2020.

Generation of iPSC from fetal fibroblast cells obtained from an abortus with type-I tri-allelic variants. Stem Cell Research. Volume 48 2020, 101963.

Transfection of arginine decarboxylase gene increases the neuronal differentiation of neural progenitor cells. Stem Cell Research. 17 256–265, 2016.

Education & Experience


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B Kiran Kumar	-Img

B Kiran Kumar

Senior Scientist



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Yash Rajendra Parekh

Project JRF (DBT)



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Mohammed Ghalib

Project Associate-I



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Jessie Thomas

Project Associate-I