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Dhananjay Chaturvedi

Senior Scientist
Email: dhananjay@ccmb.res.in
Phone: +91-040-27192523

Research Interests

How are organisms formed the way they are, how do they stay so? Uncovering these principles in vivo is a crucial first step in understanding congenital disease in human patients. Immediately, using Drosophila we’re investigating how skeletal muscles repair and maintain themselves in vivo. We’ve looked for and found an adult muscle stem cell population in Flight muscles and we can ask how physical, immunological and nutritional cues affect their function. We have found that specific mRNA are enriched in regions within muscle cells, though no barriers are apparent. How does this state arise and for what purpose? We investigate cytological processes abrogated in human disease through powerful genetic tools. Through microCT scanning and quantifying behaviour, we derive accurately gauge development and disease. Translating these principles of development and homeostasis after rigorous testing in Drosophila into mammalian systems with possible impact human disease is within the scope of our studies. If you’re interested in these projects, please get touch. Students, please describe which project speaks to you and why. Interested prospective Post Docs, let me know how you would address your favourite question.

Selected Publications

Chaturvedi, D., Reichert, H., Gunage, R. D. & VijayRaghavan, K. "Identification and functional characterization of muscle satellite cells in Drosophila." eLife 6, 641 (2017)

Parekh, A., Chakraborty, K., Purohit, D. J., Pasha, S. N., Sowdhamini, R., VijayRaghavan, K. & Chaturvedi, D. "Heterogeneous distribution of mRNAs within flight muscle fibers, and implications for function." bioRxiv 81, 2020.09.07.286260 (2020)

Chaturvedi, D., Prabhakar, S., Aggarwal, A., Atreya, K. B. & VijayRaghavan, K. "Adult Drosophila muscle morphometry through microCT reveals dynamics during ageing." Open Biol 9, 190087 (2019)

Education & Experience

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Dhananjay Chaturvedi-Img

Dhananjay Chaturvedi

Senior Scientist



Sarasij Pal-Img

Sarasij Pal

Junior Research Fellow(UGC)



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Megha Menon

Project Associate I



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Swaraj Ranjan Paul

Project Associate-I


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Ishita Kalshyan

Junior Research Fellow