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Research Interests

Understanding the principles of immunoreceptor signaling, using the tools of in vitro reconstitution, fluorescence imaging, and cellular biochemistry.

Understanding the T cell and NK cell responses in human diseases, using tools of single cell sequencing, genomics, and cellular biochemistry.

Selected Publications

Kumar S & Jain S (2018). Immune signaling by supramolecular assemblies. Immunology (In press)

Kumar S (2018). Natural killer cell cytotoxicity and its regulation by inhibitory receptors. Immunology 154, 383-393

Kumar S, Rajagopalan S, Sarkar P, Dorward DW, Peterson ME, Liao H, Guillermier C, Steinhauser ML, Vogel SS, & Long EO (2016). Zinc-induced polymerization of killer-cell Ig-like receptor into filaments promotes its inhibitory function at cytotoxic immunological synapses. Molecular Cell 62, 21-33.

Kumar S, Sarkar P, Sim MJW, Rajagopalan S, Vogel SS, & Long EO (2015). A single amino acid change in inhibitory killer cell Ig-like receptor results in constitutive receptor self-association and phosphorylation. The Journal of Immunology 194, 817-826.

Kumar S & Udgaonkar JB (2010). Mechanisms of amyloid fibril formation by proteins. Current Science 98, 639-656.

Education & Experiance

P.G: Biotechnology ; Madurai Kamaraj University ; 2002-2004
Ph.D: Characterization of the initial steps of amyloid fibril formation by barstar ; National Centre for Biological Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research ; 2004-2010

Immunology ; National Institutes of Health ; 2010-2015

Immunology ; Stanford University ; 2015-2017


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Santosh Kumar

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Katherin Steffy

Research Associate-I (Project)


Sitanshu Kumar Sarangi

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Junior Research Fellow (Project)