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CSIR - Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India

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Genetic Counselling

Several clinical conditions are predicted by defects in genes; many of them are causal in nature while several others predict increased risk for these conditions. Since genetic disorders are usually incurable, prevention of their inheritance or their development is the best option. Through genetic counselling, CCMB provides assistance in determining the genetic nature of any clinical condition based on clinical history and pedigree analysis and supplements with providing information about its clinical course, probability of developing and transmitting it, ways in which the disease condition can be prevented or ameliorated, pre-pregnancy monitoring and prenatal diagnosis.

General information and list of tests - [Revised charges effective from 15-02-2020 ]

Case information sheet

Consent form for molecular diagnosis

Consent form for predictive diagnosis

Form-G for prenatal diagnosis