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Amit Asthana Group`s Publications
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Title Journal Year
Fabrication of cost-effective and efficient paper-based device for viscosity measurementAnalytica Chimica Acta,2018
Chitosan as biomaterial in drug delivery and tissue engineeringInt. J. Biol. Macromol.,2018, 110, 97-109.2018
Chitosan stabilized gold nanoparticle mediated self-assembled gliP nanobiosensor for diagnosis of Invasive AspergillosisInt. J. Biol. Macromol.,2018, 110, 449-456.2018
A microfluidic device approach to generate hollow alginate microfibers with controlled wall thickness and inner diameter Journal of Applied Physics 2015
Foil assisted replica molding for fabrication of microfluidic devices and their application in vitroLab-on-a-Chip2014
Droplet based microfluidics (Book Chapter)in Methods in Molecular Biology: Microfluidic Diagnostics, G. Jenkins and C. Mansfield, eds., Humana Press2013
Fabrication and Characterization of Gold Nanohole Electrode EnsembleSensors & Actuators: B Chemical 2012
Rapid and cost-effective fabrication of selectively permeable calcium-alginate microfluidic device using modified embedded template methodBiomicrofluidics 2012
Bromo-oxidation reaction in enzyme loaded alginate hollow microfiber fabricated using microfluidic deviceBiomicrofluidics2011
Fabrication of Multilayer Microstructure using Dry Film Resist and Deep Reactive Ion EtcherMicro & Nano Letters2010
A facile single step fabrication of microchannels with varying sizesLab-on-a-chip2009
A continuous-exchange cell-free protein synthesis system fabricated on a chipAnalytical Biochemistry2007
DNA mutation analysis based on capillary electrochromatography using colloidal poly (n-isopropylacrylamide) particles as pseudostationary phaseTalanta2006
Fabrication of ceramic microchannels with tailored poresMaterials Science Forum2006
Fabrication of meso and microporous ceramic microchannelsJournal of Materials Research2006
Novel transparent polysilazane derived solvent resistant, biocompatible microchannels and substrates: application in micro system technologyLab-on-a-Chip2006
Fabrication and characterization of a silicon-based millimeter scale, microfabricated PEM fuel cell operating with gaseous hydrogen, methanol, and formic acid as fuelsSensors and Actuators-B: Chemical2005
Fast separation and sensitive detection of carcinogenic aromatic amines by reversed phase liquid chromatography coupled with electro-chemical detectorJournal of Chromatography "A"2005
Rapid determination of sulfonamides in meat and milk by micellar electrokinetic chromatography with fluorescence detectionAnalytica Chimica Acta2005
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