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Student_Seminar 20-02-2018
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Bedaballi Dey 2. Sivakumar Prakash 3. Mansi Srivastava
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Microbiota derived short chain fatty acids promote histone crotonylation in the colon through histone deacetylases.
2. Resetting the Yeast Epigenome with Human Nucleosomes.
3. Macrophages Mediate the Repair of Brain Vascular Rupture through Direct Physical Adhesion and Mechanical Traction
Lecture 20-02-2018
@12:00 noon
Lecture by Dr Priya Moorjani,Burroughs Wellcome Fund CASI Fellow,University of California, Berkeley, USA
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Dating evolutionary events using the molecular clocks of mutation and recombination
Student_Seminar 19-02-2018
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Ravina Saini 2. Harshit Vaish
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Driving mosquito refractoriness to Plasmodium falciparum with engineered symbiotic bacteria.
2. Modern diversification of the amino acid repertoire driven by oxygen.
Student_Seminar 16-02-2018
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar-Speakers: 1.R Abishek Bharadhwaj 2. Aditya Undru
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Flashbody: A Next Generation Fluobody with Fluorescence Intensity Enhanced by Antigen Binding
2. Creation of forest edges has a global impact on forest vertebrates
Scientific Group Meeting 15-02-2018
@4:00 pm
Scientific Group Meeting - Speakers: 1. Mr. Nilanjan Som 2. Mr. Kundurthi Phanindhar
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Tale of a serial killer : Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus, the most wanted. 2. How Darwin finches prove Darwin right? A short compilation of the 45-year long ongoing study in the Galapagos islands.
Lecture 12-02-2018
@4:00 pm
Lecture by Prof Christian Griesinger Max-Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
NMR and more applied to B cell activation and cellular degeneration and protection as well as cancer
Colloquium 07-02-2018
@4:00 pm
Colloquium by Mr Apuratha Pandiyan
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Genomic Approach to Cold Adaptation: Role of DNA repair pathways and RNA metabolism in the Antarctic Pseudomonas sp. Lz4W strain
Lecture 06-02-2018
@11:00 am
Lecture by Prof Sridhar Hannenhalli,University of Maryland,USA.
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Remote control of gene activity
Popular Lecture 05-02-2018
POPULAR LECTURE by Professor Paul Walton University of York, UK
[Venue:IICT Auditorium]
Equality for Women in Science: Why is it so Slow?
Lecture 02-02-2018
@4:00 pm
Lecture by Dr Amit Sharma,TERI-Deakin NanoBiotechnology Centre, Gurgaon, Haryana
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Photosynthetic Reaction Centre Structure and Dynamic Studies Using Serial Femtosecond Crystallography and Time Resolved Wide Angle X-ray Scattering
Viva-Voce 11-01-2018
@4:00 pm
Viva-Voce of Mr. S Harikrishnan
[Venue:LaCONES -Auditorium]
Thesis Title:Macroecology of Reptile Assemblages in Andaman and Nicobar Island Archipelago
Lecture 05-01-2018
@4:00 pm
Lecture by Dr. A.J. Venkatakrishnan, Stanford University, USA
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
How to give, make and present outstanding posters!
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