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Lecture 07-01-2019
@12:00 noon
Lecture by Dr Antony M Jose, University of Maryland, USA
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
How life preserves form and function across generations
Student_Seminar 05-12-2018
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Kale Hanuman Tulashiram 2. Debabrata Jana
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Regulation of pluripotency in pluripotent state
2. Regulation of core pluripotency network in ES cells
Student_Seminar 04-12-2018
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Jaydeep Aravindbhai Badarukhiya 2. Lomous Kumar
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Rheumatic Heart Disease: Influence of Genetic and Immunological Factors
2. Genetic Affinities of the populations of West Coast India
Student_Seminar 03-12-2018
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Umesh Kumar 2. Chhavi Dawar
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Genetic analysis and functional characterization of novel genes associated with male infertility
2. De novo transcriptome analysis of embryonic GAM and Brain tissues of Indian Mugger: search for candidate gene(s) having putative role in temperature-dependent sex determination
Student_Seminar 29-11-2018
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Siddharth Bhatia 2. Jotin Gogoi
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Molecular and functional venom variation in geographical distinct population of saw-scaled viper
2. Elucidation of proofreading mechanisms during translation of the genetic code
Colloquium 28-11-2018
Colloquium by Mr A V P Saradhi
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Control of reproductive development in Arabidopsis thaliana: Cell cycle states of gametes prior to and after fertilization
Student_Seminar 27-11-2018
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. A Srinivasan 2. Nikhil Hajirnis 3. Preethi Jampala
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Computational analysis of chromatin domain boundaries in insects
2. Genome organization and regulation of bithorax complex in Drosophila melanogaster
3. Roles of cis regulatory motifs and chromatin modifying factors in regulation of homeobox transcription factor, SHOOT MERISTEMLESS (STM) in plants
Colloquium 19-11-2018
Colloquium by Ms Sohini Deb
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Suppression of innate immune response in Oryza sativa by the Type III effectors of Xanthomonas oryzae
Student_Seminar 19-11-2018
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: 1. Vishnu Narayanan M 2. Komal Awalellu
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
1. Studies on virulence factors of rice pathogen Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae
2. Characterization of rice mutants that have agronomically important traits
Student_Seminar 16-11-2018
@4:00 pm
Student Seminar- Speakers: Swetha S
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Analysis of the post-transcriptional control mechanisms governing quiescence
Chalk the Talk 16-11-2018
Chalk the Talk by V Devi Prasad
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Title: To B, or not to B, that is the Question
Lecture 15-11-2018
Lecture by Dr.Abhiram Dukkipati, Magellen Life Sciences, Hyderabad
[Venue:Lecture Hall]
Signal Transduction by Sweet Proteins: From Structural Biology to a Global Product
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