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CCMB maintains and stocks about 6500 biochemicals for the ongoing research activities of the laboratory. The facility has a cold room (+4°C), two +4°C refrigerators, eight deep freezers (-20°C) and two ultra deep freezers (-70°C) for storage of chemicals as per the recommended storage conditions. However, the chemicals stable at room temperature are kept in a room (98 sq.mtrs plinth area) where temperature is maintained at 28°C. The stocks of fine biochemicals include amino acids, proteins, enzymes, purification kits and buffer reagents. In addition, stocks of restriction enzymes, immunology research kits for purification and detection of recombinant proteins, reagents for protein electrophoresis, PCR, RTPCR, DNA sequencing and synthesis and buffers, tissue culture ware, medium and medium supplements, gel electrophoresis and column chromatography materials, chemicals related to proteomics, and microarray analysis are also kept in the centralized facility. The requirement for these chemicals is monitored such that procurement is carried out on a regular basis, so as to maintain a constant level of supply.

This group also provides product information, reference catalogues, etc., to the research staff of the CCMB to facilitate the procurement process. This group consolidates the quarterly indents given by the users for purchase of chemicals through a software program SPINE (Stores and Purchase Integrated Network Environment). This software helps in storing information on chemicals, suppliers and their addresses as well as web page, e-mail ID, telephone number, Fax number. Besides, it also gives status of the indents, receipts and availability of the chemicals in the fine biochemical store. The fine biochemicals group has expertise to help the users run these programmes efficiently.

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