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Development and characterization of a novel monoclonal antibody that recognizes an epitope in the central protein interaction domain of RapGEF1 (C3G).Mol Biol Reports 2018 Aug 24. doi: 10.1007/s11033-018-4327-0.2018
C3G dynamically associates with nuclear speckles and regulates mRNA splicingMol Biol Cell 29(9):1111-1124 PMID:29496966 2018
661W is a retinal ganglionprecursor-like cell line in which glaucoma-associated optineurin mutants induce cell death selectively.Scientific Reports, 4;7(1):16855 2017
C3G shows regulated nucleo-cytoplasmic exchange and represses histone modifications associated with euchromatin.Mol Biol Cell. 28: 984-995, 20172017
CDC20siRNA and paclitaxel co-loaded nanometric liposomes of nipecotic acid-derived cationic amphiphile inhibit xenografted neuroblastoma. Nanoscale; 9, 1201-1212.2017
C3G. Encyclopedia of Signaling Molecules Springer Nature.Choi, Sangdun (Ed.) in Press.DOI 10.1007/978-1-4614-6438-9_101544- 2017
Use of dominant negative/substrate trapping PTP mutations to search for PTP interactors /substrates.Methods in Molecular Biology. 1447: 243-265.2016
A disease-associated mutant of NLRC4 shows enhanced interaction with SUG1 leading to constitutive FADD dependent caspase-8 activation and cell death. J Biol Chem., 292(4):1218-12302016
pH and Thermo-sensitive 5 Fluorouracil loaded Poly (Nipam-co-AAc) Nanogels for Cancer Therapy.RSC Advances; 6, 105495-105507 DOI: 10.1039/ C6RA18034E 2016
C3G (RapGEF1), a regulator of actin dynamics promotes survival and myogenic differentiation of mouse mesenchymal cells. BBA-Mol. Cell Res. Volume 1853, Issue 10, Part A, October 2015, Pages 2629-2639 2015
E50K-OPTN-induced retinal cell death involves the Rab GTPase-Activating Protein, TBC1D17 mediated block in autophagy. PLoS One, 9(4): e957582014
The tyrosine phosphatase TC48 interacts with and inactivates the oncogenic fusion protein BCR-Abl but not cellular Abl.Biochim Biophys Acta. Mol.Basis of Dis. 1832: 275-284.2013
When a cell decides to die: multiple options.Proc. AP Acad. Sci. 15: 41-462013
M98K-optineurin induces transferrin receptor degradation and Rab12-mediated autophagic death in retinal ganglion cells. Autophagy 9:510-5272013
The tyrosine phosphatase TC48 interacts with and inactivates the oncogenic fusion protein BCR-Abl but not cellular Abl. Biochim Biophys Acta 1832 (1): 275-2842012
Reciprocal negative regulation between the guanine nucleotide exchange factor C3G and β-cateninGenes & Cancer 3:564-577 2012
Dynamic changes in nuclear localization of a DNA-binding protein tyrosine phosphatase TCPTP in response to DNA damage and replication arrest.Cell Biol Toxicol 28:409-4192012
Signaling to actin: Role of C3G, a multitasking guanine nucleotide exchange factor.Bioscience Reports 31: 231-2442011
Cytoskeletal remodeling by C3G to induce neurite-like extensions and inhibit motility in highly invasive breast carcinoma cells.BBA- Mol. Cell. Res. 1813: 456-4652011
TC-PTP dephosphorylates the guanine nucleotide exchange factor C3G (RapGEF1) and negatively regulates differentiation of human neuroblastoma cells.PLoS ONE 6(8): e236812011
Regulation of endocytic trafficking of transferrin receptor by optineurin and its impairment by a glaucoma-associated mutant.BMC Cell Biol. 11: 4.2010
Interaction with Sug1 enables Ipaf ubiquitination leading to caspase-8 activation and cell death.Biochem. J. 427: 91-104.2010
F-actin binding domain of c-Abl regulates localized phosphorylation of C3G: Role of C3G in c-Abl mediated cell death .Oncogene 29: 4528-45422010
RAPGEF1 (Rap guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF)Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol.2010
The guanine nucleotide exchange factor, C3G regulates differentiation and survival of human neuroblastoma cells.J. Neurochem. 107: 1424-1435.2008
In vivo radioprotection by 5-aminosalicylic acid.Mutation Research 650: 63-79.2008
A glaucoma associated mutant of optineurin selectively induces death of retinal ganglion cells which is inhibited by antioxidants.IOVS 48: 1607-1614.2007
C3G is required for c-Abl induced filopodia and its overexpression promotes filopodia formation.Exp. Cell Res. 313: 2476-2492.2007
Regulation of p73 by Hck through kinase-dependent and independent mechanisms. BMC Molecular Biology 8: 45.2007
IPAF / NLRC4Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol. Haematol.2007
CASPASE-1Atlas Genet Cytogenet. Oncol. Haematol.2007
Involvement of caspase-1 and its activator Ipaf upstream of mitochondrial events in apoptosis.FEBS J. 273: 2766-2778.2006
Role of p73 in regulating human caspase-1 gene transcription induced by Ifn-g & cisplatin.J Biol. Chem.280: 36664-36673.2005
Phosphorylated guanine nucleotide exchange factor C3G, induced by pervanadate and SFKs localizes to the Golgi and subcortical actin cytoskeleton.BMC Cell Biol. 5: 31.2004
Caspase-1 activator Ipaf is a p53 inducible gene involved in apoptosis. Oncogene 24: 627-636.2004
Transcriptional control of caspase gene expression. PINSA 70:551-577.2004
Physical and functional interaction between Hck tyrosine kinase and guanine nucleotide exchange factor C3G results in apoptosis, which is independent of C3G catalytic activityJ. Biol. Chem. 278: 52188-52194.2003
Induction of cytochrome c release and apoptosis by Hck-SH3 domain- mediated signalling requires caspase-3.Apoptosis 7: 195-207.2002
A nuclear protein tyrosine phosphatase activates p53 and induces caspase-1 dependent apoptosis.Febs Letts. 532: 61-66.2002
Nuclear Matrix : Methods of Preparation. Encyclopedia of Life Sciences p. 1-32001
A nuclear protein tyrosine phosphatase induces shortening of G1 phase and increase in c-Myc protein level.Exp. Cell Res. 265: 1-10.2001
Direct transcriptional activation of human caspase-1 by tumor suppressor p53. J. Biol. Chem. 276: 10585- 10588.2001
PTP-S2, a nuclear tyrosine phosphatase is phosphorylated and excluded from condensed chromosomes during mitosis.J. Biosci. 25: 33-40.2000
Induction of p53 dependent apoptosis upon overexpression of a nuclear PTPase. FEBS Letts. 453: 308-312.1999
Overexpression of a nuclear protein tyrosine phosphatase increases cell proliferation.FEBS Letts. 409: 33-36.1997
Nuclear protein tyrosine phosphatases and control of cell proliferation. Curr. Sci. 73: 418-429.1997
Association of Lyn tyrosine kinase with the nuclear matrix and cell-cycle- dependent changes in matrix-associated tyrosine kinase activity.Eur. J. Biochem. 236: 352-359.1996
Two splice variants of a tyrosine phosphatase differ in substrate specificity, DNA binding and subcellular location.J. Biol. Chem. 271: 26755- 26761.1996
Subcellular localization of a protein tyrosine phosphatase : Evidence for association with chromatin.Biochemical J. 299: 41-47.1994
Binding of protein tyrosine phosphatase to DNA through the carboxy terminal non-catalytic domain.Biochemistry 32: 2194.1993
Stabilization of a protein tyrosine phosphatase mRNA upon mitogenic stimulation of T-lymphocytes Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 1216: 205.1993
Protein tyrosine phosphatases as regulators of protein kinase activity. Curr. Sci. 62: 462-469.1992
Molecular cloning and expression of a protein tyrosine phosphatase showing homology with transcription factors Fos and Jun.FEBS Letts. 280: 65.1991
Genetic studies in higher animals : New strategies. Curr. Sci. 60: 556.1991
Identification of human disease genes based on their map position ‘Human Applied Genetics’ ed. Reddy, P.P. and Swarna, M. p. 104.1991
Salivary IgA in peptic ulcer patients. Curr. Sci. 56: 603.1987
Plasma lipoproteins and LCAT in chronic liver disease. Ind. J. Gast. 6: 197.1987
Essential fatty acids and peptic ulcer disease. GUT 27: 914.1987
The Genetics of Peptic Ulcer Disease. Trop Gast. 6: 132.1985
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