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Welcome to Dr. Rakesh Mishra's lab home page

Dr. Rakesh K Mishra
Senior Scientist
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology
Uppal Road
Hyderabad 500 007

Email: mishra@ccmb.res.in
Telephone:  (+ 91) 40 2719 2658
Fax No:       (+ 91) 40 2716 0591

Our lab is interested in higher order chromatin structure in the context of genomic organization and regulation of gene expression.

1 Chromatin and nuclear architecture

Establishment of cell type specific gene expression and epigenetic inheritance of the expression state are essential features of developmental mechanisms. We are studying these processes at the level of higher order chromatin organization. We focus on the following:

1.1 Molecular analysis of boundary and Polycomb response elements
1.2 The Nuclear matrix
1.3 Genomic organization and chromatin structure in the human Y chromosome

2 Homeotic gene complexes: the evo-devo of A-P body axis

Homeotic gene complexes determine the A-P body axis in animals. Expression and function of the homeotic genes along the A-P axis is colinear with their order of occurrence in the complex. This 'chromosomal organization and its functional correspondence' is conserved during evolution. We are studying the molecular basis of this conservation and mechanisms involved in the regulation of the Hox complexes:

2.1 Regulation of bithorax complex of Drosophila melanogaster
2.2 Evolutionarily conserved features in the organization and regulation of Hox complexes

3 Comparative genomics of non-coding DNA

In higher eukaryotes a large proportion of the genome does not code for proteins. It is emerging that a large proportion of non-coding DNA is required for packaging and regulation of the genome. We believe that genomes evolve within this constraint of packaging. The 'packaging code' of genomes is not clear as yet. We have taken comparative genomics approach to study patterns with in the non-coding regions, in particular the stretches that are under strong selection pressure:

3.1 Comparative and functional genomics of non-repetitive non-coding DNA
3.2 Pattern search approach to identify novel regulatory elements

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