Awesome Quotes by Rakesh

'The best way to learn is to read and discuss, if you don't understand it yourself you cant explain it to others.'

'You should ask questions, once you have asked it you are rid of the ignorance forever.'

'It's your data so you will be more attached to it.'

'The most important organ in Drosophila is the eye. The brain is some small thing. But the eyes are two big mountains on the head.'

'You cannot be faster than the speed of light and slower than a stationary rock.'

'We might miss out some during the experiment itself, so no amount of bioinformatics can rescue us.'

'Why must we have a soft corner for the computer? We can make the computer work harder.'

'I don't want to reach a dead end being a perfectionist.'

'When you have a sequence coming from heaven, it comes as an unmapped sequence.'

'There is no difference between old and new software. It is all the same'.- Rakesh as Information Technology head

'Once in a life time experience need not always be positive. Death is also a once in a life time experience. It is just a sales man's argument.'

'How can CS flies die like this? The graph is like the Indian Batting line up. Right when you start 2 batsmen are out. Something is wrong in this graph. It is like the stars were out of alignment and the flies died as a result.'

'With the absolute lethal accuracy of one Dalton!'

'That is not a very enlightening thing to say. You obviously need one male and one female fish for a cross.'

'You cannot spoil the pitch even before you go to play'

'It's like a road. If you have a car you can only go where the roads are available. What you need is a flying thing to explore places where roads are not made yet.'

'It is like getting a heavy duty 4*4 vehicle to go from Habsiguda to CCMB. By adding more features you can also ruin a tool.'